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The Importance of Presence

One of the biggest things that we look for in our promotional staff is presence. It’s one of the hardest things to define, but it’s something that’s easy to recognise.

It’s a subtle combination of confidence, energy and personality that makes them somebody that you’ll want to stop and talk to, listen to and pay attention to. Whether you hire them to collect data, sell a product or increase brand awareness, it’s their presence that makes them such a valuable investment.

Let’s face it, a lot of people would balk at the idea of going out into the street to stop passers-by – even if you’re offering them something they’ll want, just the act of approaching a stranger takes a lot of confidence and, yes, presence.

It’s also vitally important for experiential marketing and PR stunts – whether they’re being a bad grandpa raising hell on their mobility scooter, a knight in full armour or one of the despicable Gru’s adorable yellow Minions, their presence is the quality that fills out the outfit and makes them a real character.

Many of the staff in our portfolio have acting experience which teaches them the skills they need to present your product or brand to an audience, whether that’s by giving product demonstrations to a group at a trade show, engaging individuals on the street or encouraging people to take part in promotional activities.

Here at Breeze People, we don’t keep a portfolio of thousands of staff we’ve never met; we take the time to meet and profile our staff so that we can find premium promo staff with presence, and match them to each brief for a great result every time.

For more information on our services, or to talk to us about your brief and see how we can match you up with the right staff, contact us online or call us on 02380 015 000. We’d also love to hear from you if you believe that you have presence and you’d like to work with us on an exciting range of projects - the easiest way to apply is by signing up and completing our online form.