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The Keys to Promoting Your Event Offline

If you want to promote your next event, digital marketing is highly important when it comes to getting the word out, but you should also think about diversifying your approach by using some offline tactics. Here are some ways you can grow interest in your event offline.

Direct Mail

If your target demographic is local, you may want to think about direct mail. The tangible nature of direct mail means you can place your leaflet, brochure or postcard directly into the hands of your target market - and with the overall drop in paper mail, you may notice your event invitation stands out more.


Social media is fantastic for networking, but when it comes to doing it properly, nothing beats face-to-face interaction. The fact is that it's sometimes difficult to form bonds online, so it's a good idea to head to events related to yours in the run-up to your promotional event. Try and establish key relationships early and then follow them up online or via phone to ensure they attend your event.

Speaking Opportunities

If you have something to say then why not say it at an industry related event. Not only can you establish yourself as an authority, but you'll be talking directly to your target audience. Speaking opportunities are great when it comes to building trust in your brand and it will help drum up interest in your event. With prior permission from the organiser, you could even promote your event on stage.

Promotional Items

Sometimes you need to think beyond paper leaflets and brochures. Instead, you could enlist the help of promotional staff armed with items such as magnets and stickers that can be placed directly into the hands of your core audience. Giving out useful items reduces the chance of them ending up in the bin, giving your event details a much better chance of being noticed.

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