The Power of In-Store Product Demonstrations

The Power of In-Store Product Demonstrations

Get it right, and the in-store demonstration is the best method to bring a product alive for prospective customers. In fact, shoppers are willing to pay more for a product where the brand have invested in an in-store demonstration. That’s the power of the demo, which turns any product into a customer experience.

Create Interest

By letting potential customers see the value and potential of your product first hand, you’ll stimulate more interest. Seeing how your product actually works is better than any sales pitch. And by communicating face to face with your customers, you’ll differentiate your brand from the rest.

Create a Customer Experience

Get it right, and you’ll create a real buzz around your product, turning the casual consumer into a fan of your brand. Demonstrations are part of the move towards creating a personalised customer experience, but you’ll need to rely on more than an old fashioned demonstration. For example, some stores are experimenting with 3D visualisations and virtual reality to create an unparalleled customer interaction with their products.

Creating Proof and Educating Your Audience

You can make all kind of claims for your product, but an in-store demonstration gives your potential customer visual proof that your claims can be backed up with performance and that what you’re selling really does work. More than that, you can take the opportunity to educate your consumers about your product’s unique features and ease of use. Understanding how what you have to offer can manage your customer’s problems has a big impact on their purchasing decisions, and it’s something that the online buying experience just can’t equal.

Create a Community

Building a community of interest around your product is a powerful tool to address customer concerns and create a conversation that generates great word of mouth. Stores are beginning to realise the power of in-store demonstrations to tempt customers through the doors and interact with each other, and your product can be at the centre of that community.

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