The Skills Your Service Staff Should Have!

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The Skills Your Service Staff Should Have!

Now for those of you that have worked in the service industry, the following list of skills will be like a reminder of how your mind used to work. For those that have not, this list will be an intriguing insight into the lengths that these staff go to in order to provide the best service possible. Some people are born with gifts in these areas, whereas some work hard to develop these skills over years. Here are some of the skills that we believe everyone working in the service industry should possess….

Great Communication

Service staff need to master the art of being clear in what they say, whilst remaining very positive. Open body language is crucial and must be maintained consistently. The customer must be able to feel like they are communicating effectively with the staff member, and vice versa, so that the transaction or desired outcome can be reached most efficiently.

Great Listening Skills

It’s as essential for service staff to be effective listeners as it is for them to be able to talk effectively. Customers want to fell valued, and this can be achieved through the staff member being very attentive and making sure they fully understand what the customer needs. Eye contact is important here; it’s widely considered a sign of disrespect to have wandering eyes when someone is talking to you. However, this can be used to one’s advantage as the consistent maintenance of eye contact is a strong indicator of care, which is greatly appreciated by customers.

Assertiveness & Knowledge

Service staff should portray a sense of confidence without appearing arrogant. This can be achieved through the possession of detailed product knowledge, in combination with empathy for the customer’s situation. The customer wants to be told what the right move is, but in a way that gives them the illusion that they’re in control. Confidence will lead to customers trusting you more, which can do you favours in the future with regards to repeat custom. A key point to take away here is to make sure not to come across aggressive as this can easily put customers off you for sure.

A Sense Of Humour

We saved the best until last here, people. Customers want staff to fulfil all of the other skill categories mentioned above but in addition to these, they don’t want to be talking to a machine! Customers really appreciate an employee that can treat them as a valued and appreciated customer. This can be achieved through the exhibition of a personality! Be yourself, crack a few light jokes if the moment is right, and this will reduce any stress present in the atmosphere and quickly enable the customer (and staff member too) to feel much more relaxed. There you go, everybody wins!

As you can see, there’s a lot that goes into training the best employees to work in the service industry. Here at Breeze People, we only employ the best promotional staff, those that we feel satisfy all of the above requirements and more! They’re out representing our brand, in addition to our clients, and so we only recruit the best of the best. So if you are looking for awesome event staff, call a member of our friendly team today on 02380 015 000 or take a look at our website to see what we have done for our other clients!