The Value of “Free”

The Value of “Free”

How many times have you accepted something – a coupon, a leaflet, a product sample – simply because it was free? We all do it, even when it’s something that we don’t particularly want, or don’t expect to like, and there’s a reason why. It all comes down to psychology.

The word “free” acts as an emotional trigger; the idea of getting something for nothing works on an instinctive level. There’s no fear of losing out when something is free – and when you have nothing to lose, you’re far more likely to accept.  This even works when the difference is tiny – offer something for free and you can expect a much higher acceptance rate than you would if you offered it for just a single penny.

Understanding this psychological trigger can make a big difference to a promotional campaign. The difference between saying, “Would you like to try a sample?” and “Would you like to try a free sample?” may be very small, but it can be very effective. Communicating the fact that the sample is free can increase the number of customer interactions you have, and naturally this can in turn increase the number of conversions you make from passer-by to purchaser.

Some campaign managers do, however, shy away from using the word “free”. If you’re conducting a sampling campaign, you may feel that you want to only give your samples to people who are genuinely interested, and that advertising them as free will encourage moochers to stop by. What you must bear in mind, of course, is that many of your potential customers may not even realise that they are interested until they try – and the trigger of “free” may be enough to get them to try, to love, and to buy your product.

Of course, using the right words is only part of the task for your promotional staff; they have to also convey the right attitude, energy and enthusiasm for your campaign, and have the right skills for the task at hand. Here at Breeze People, we maintain a portfolio of active, high-quality staff for promotional campaigns, marketing campaigns, PR stunts and much, much more. For more information, or to talk to us about your brief, call us on 02380 015 000 or contact us online.