Top Tips to The Perfect Logo

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Top Tips to The Perfect Logo

In a world full of strong branding and logo design, we can’t walk down the high street without seeing a well-known brand. From coca-colas iconic logo to the little ‘f’ on our most used social platform, you may not realise it but we are surrounded by logos. Have a look around you now… see any?

Great logo design is a major part of branding and getting people to know and love your services and products. So, what are some of the main points you should be considering before putting pen to paper and getting creative for your business?

Who Are Your Competition?

Before you even start thinking about creative concepts and what funky fonts you want, ensure you do the research on your target market and don’t just brush over it… research thoroughly!

Compare all your competitor’s logos and you may be able to get some information on how they use their customer base to their advantage. See what has worked for them and their logos, and why they have become so successful.

Ask the Right Questions

It’s not always just about a pretty logo. The creative process can be difficult, especially if you aren’t the most creative person, but your business requires a logo! Don’t rush into it- Take your time and make sure you ask the right questions to the right people along the journey:

  • Why are we here?
  • What do we do?
  • How do we do it?
  • What makes us different?
  • Who are we here for?
  • What are our values?
  • What is our personality?

Font is Key

In recent years, sans serif has dominated the world of logos, as well as more minimal typefaces, such as Windows and MasterCard. As times change, so do trends and from this so do logos. In 2015 Google famously changed its font from its serif to a much more friendlier sans serif. This doesn’t mean a serif couldn’t work for your brand, but just be aware of current trends, as well as your target audience. For example, if your brand is more luxury or higher end, then you want your font in your logo to reflect this.

Social Media Icons on a Keyboard


This links in with your font and how it reflects your personality, but it’s not just the typeface. There are other crucial factors, such as imagery, colour usage, the tone of voice and so on. Personality is key, and how you want to represent yourself to your audience can be done through showing character through your logo. If your brand is cheeky and fun, play on this! Your audience will embrace and love it if you get your target market spot on!


As one of the golden rules of logo design, one of the most key factors is simplicity. Don’t overwork your design, as you want ease of recognition as well as being able to work it into other aspects of your campaign. A fantastic way to do this is to subtract elements from the design and see if it still works and is recognisable. Ask yourself two questions:

  • Is it still recognisable if you quickly sketch it?
  • What are the most unique and defining features?

Understanding the Psychology

There is much psychology behind the use of shapes and colours and styles. Research by Wassily Kandinsky argues that shape and colour transcend all cultural and language barriers. As a common rule of thumb, bright yellow complements angles, cool blues match circular shapes and earthy reds go well in square shapes.

By understanding the colour wheel, using the RYB model and colour theory you can target your audience more clearly and get the personality out perfectly. Do some research into this to get your logo colour and shape correct.

Don’t Hide it Away!

A logo is a great starting point to build your brand and your brand awareness campaign. But what good is it if you keep it hidden and don’t utilise that creative piece of art you’ve just designed? You need to get it out into the big wide world and get your brand known to your target market. Get some people giving branded products, freebies, flyers, and more importantly, the right people! If a young, upbeat and excited individual is representing a brand aimed at a similar target audience, you are more likely to get engagement!

Here at Breeze people, we have the perfect collection of people to get your brand out there! In this fast-paced, ever-changing digital world, it’s not enough to just have a logo! You need to utilise this and get the right staff to spread the word. If you want to know any more information about our collection of friendly staff and how we can be a key part to your marketing, simply get in touch.