Vital Ingredients for a Great Promotion

Vital Ingredients for a Great Promotion

Here at Breeze People, we supply promotional staff for a wide range of marketing campaigns – from store openings to video game launches and much more. We’ve got a portfolio of enthusiastic, confident and high-quality staff ready to help our clients – but they’re just one ingredient in the recipe for a successful campaign. Here are some of the other vital ingredients you’ll need to add to the mix:


There’s obviously no point in planning a fantastic campaign that nobody will see – or one that won’t be seen by the right audience. You’ll need to consider your target demographic in order to choose the right place and time for your campaign. For example, a shopping centre promotion for a children’s toy brand would be best held at the weekend or during holidays, otherwise your audience will be at school and won’t see you.


There are two basic approaches to a street-based campaign; you can have your staff approach potential clients and customers, or you can encourage potential clients and customers to come to you. The best campaigns often combine the two. To encourage people to approach your team, you need to ensure that they’re visible and obviously part of the campaign, and the easiest way to do this is with a co-ordinated uniform. For example, for the launch of fizzy vitamin drinks Emergen-C earlier this month, our team was equipped with bright orange T-shirts and accessories, ensuring that they stood out from the crowd.


Clear Message

The most important ingredient of all, however, is a clear message. You need to ensure that your team knows as much as possible about the product or service they’re promoting, so that they can answer questions during the day. Uninformed staff can be one of the quickest ways to put a potential client off. When there’s an actual product involved, sampling activities are a great way to get the message across – being able to try something for yourself handily answers a lot of questions!

These are just three factors that you need to consider, so planning a promotional campaign can be complicated. We make it easier for you by sourcing fantastic promotional and event staff to meet your needs, however specific they may be. For more information, or to talk to us about your requirements, contact us today on 02380 015 000.