What Can a Live Event Achieve that Online Can’t?

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What Can a Live Event Achieve that Online Can’t?

The 21st century has seen a massive increase in online promotions and general online use – we are living in a digital age. But not everyone relies on computers and smart phones.  A lot of companies still go out to promote their products and services. But is it still effective, even though our social interactions are dominated by the internet? Here are the benefits of on-the-street promotion marketing.

What Are On-The-Street Promotion Marketing and Digital Promotion Marketing?

On-the-street promotion marketing is when people represent a certain company (or they represent a specific service) and promote their products on, for example, the high street. It requires the right type of person, as they need to be engaging, confident and considerate of the general public, as most of the public do not go out with the intention of buying these promotional products or services.

Digital promotion marketing is when companies use one or more forms of electronic media to promote their products or services. These marketing platforms can range from online advertisements on social media to electronic billboards and mobile applications.


Benefits of On-The-Street Promotion Marketing

One of the main aspects of on-the-street promotional marketing is that you have to engage with the general public. Promoting products on the high street can be difficult but one benefit of this type of marketing is that, because of the prime location, there is an abundance of people, so a lot of people will see your promotions even if they just walk past without talking to you. This is an effective way to get a lot of interest from customers and the right people can make the experience worthwhile.

On-the-street promo marketing is also an effective method of advertising because rather than customers going online and finding the specific business (and if a customer isn’t the best at understanding electronic media, they will most likely struggle in this), you bring our business or service to the public, which gives the impression that the business puts the customer’s intentions first, which can produce a high success rate.


Does On-The-Street Promotion Marketing Work in the Digital Age?

Even though more and more people are being introduced to electronics and digital media, going into the high street and looking for sales, promotions and other related things is a massive part of how our society works. A good example of this is the Boxing Day sale. This is a great opportunity for businesses to use on-the-street promotion marketing to maximise the number of customers who will come to their store or look at what their business has to offer. Also, it was noted that during the last Boxing Day sale, the number of people visiting high street shops increased by 11.7% compared with the previous year. So, it is clear that the public do still go to the high street and buy products.

Because of this and the amount of people who buy products from high street shops, on-the-street promotion marketing is still an important tool for companies and businesses to use. More people on the high street means more interest from customers and it still works in an effective way.

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