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What is Integrated Brand Promotion?

Integrated brand promotion is an important part of marketing, but there aren't that many businesses who understand why. This is mainly due to the fact that marketers tend to dance around the subject or give a more complicated answer than is necessary.

However, we think  more people should know about this useful marketing technique as it can be extremely beneficial to almost any business looking to improve their branding and marketing.

So, What Is It?

In a nutshell, integrated brand promotion is essentially a marketing element which ensures that your brand message is consistent throughout your marketing.


It aims to enhance communication and relationships with your customers and clients in a way which conveys the values of your business, while addressing the audience in such a way which will encourage publicity and profitability; after all, without publicity, you can't expect to become profitable!

It's About Your Brand, Too!

Although it seems like a very customer focussed marketing strategy, it also needs some input from people within your brand, too. Communication within the brand is essential for the success of a business, and integrated brand promotion can be heavily affected if the stakeholders and employees view the company in a very different regard to the persona that the company is trying to achieve.

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This means that all communication – including with each other, with the brands clients or with suppliers – all contributes to the brand's promotion; you're advocates of the brand that you work for, after all.

How Can It Help?

So, what are the benefits of utilising integrated brand promotion? Why should you use the principles outlined in this marketing technique?

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For one, you'll be making your brand more recognisable. Consumers love being able to identify brands, and if you are creating a consistent brand message, you are more likely to be noticed by your audience. A consistent brand message is also easy to understand, which is also something that many people look for in a brand – they don't want to be confused or not be able to understand what you  are trying to convey.

Similarly, having a consistent message makes you seem more trustworthy than those businesses who constantly change theirs. It shows that you are dedicated to your brand and have a solid foundation of where your future lies, as well as what they can expect from you.

With Breeze People, you can be sure that we're working alongside you and your brand identity to ensure that we're promoting your brand in the way that you want. If you'd like to find out more about the benefits of working with us, please feel free to get in touch with us today!