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What Makes a Great Promo Team?

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We’ve all seen them in high streets across the country: people just standing there in front of a company sign like it’s been placed behind them without their knowledge. They’re almost embarrassed about it. They don’t want to be there, and they make sure we know it.

So when it comes to choosing promo staff, we believe they’ve got to have key qualities that make them really make an impact. Sure, they’ve got to be bright and friendly, but there’s more to it than just a professional attitude and a winning smile – although that always helps! Here are just a few important attributes that we think make our promo staff awesome.


Great promo staff are able to talk to everyone, at all levels, and maintain their interest in a brand they might have never heard of before. It’s not about a simple hard-sell, which can put people off; it’s about relating the brand to the customer, or just raising awareness of the product.


The only way to really engage potential customers is by being energetic. Asking the right questions and bonding with people isn’t going to fly if the promo staff are all monotone automatons. Promo staff that can really lift a customer’s day are the ones with bags of energy.


If the promo staff look like they wouldn’t sign-up for a product, how can they possibly convince others to do so? Unbounded enthusiasm and enjoyment shows they can effectively act as ambassadors for the brand. And if that means dressing up in a suit of armour for four days straight in order to promote a video game, then enthusiastic promo staff will jump at the chance.


This is probably the most important factor for an amazing promo team. It’s not about answering all those rock-hard Trivial Pursuit questions in under a minute – although we’d be seriously impressed if they can. It’s about product knowledge; knowing exactly what they’re promoting, inside and out, and getting into the brand’s headspace. After all, they’re extensions of the brand itself.

Here at Breeze People, we have some of the best promo staff in the business, and it shows – we’ve worked with some of the biggest companies to create outstanding promotional and event marketing. If you’re looking for promo staff for your event contact us today on 02380 015 000 and make sure your brand stands out from the crowd.