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What Makes A Great Promoter?

Promotional staff are an ideal addition to any business for many reasons, such as if you’re putting on an event, attending an exhibition, or finding the perfect and effective ways to market your business, there are many benefits to hiring promotional staff. Here at Breeze People, our promotional staff have the ability to communicate, engage, and excite your consumer, but what is it that makes a great promoter?

For this role, there are numerous traits an individual should portray, here are more traits that can help make a great promoter:


Promoters are responsible for publicizing a product or event with the aim of increasing sales and protecting brand reputation. You can portray this passion by having the right attitude and understanding of what is being promoted. Having passion creates a positive attitude which attracts customers and potential consumers.


Having clear vision is a great trait for a promoter to employ. A great way to achieve this is knowing the benefits of what you are promoting. By making it clear why others should show interest in the product or event, you will have a clear idea of why other people should pay attention to you.


This trait comes hand-in-hand with enthusiasm from the promoter; by approaching the target audience, you can portray your powers of persuasion in a relaxed and friendly way. A good promoter answers questions honestly whilst presenting information in a forward and confident manner. If you believe in what you are promoting, people will be more likely to listen.

People skills are highly beneficial with this trait and, as you become more trustworthy and likeable, this can lead to making and holding conversations, meaning that people skills are great tool for promoting and marketing.


Using positive hand gestures reflects your energy, which all great promoters possess. Extroverts are a perfect example of the personality promoters use, those who love talking to people they don’t know with such personality can gain people’s attention and give off a fun and energetic vibe to others whilst promoting.


Having great communication is another important trait for promotional staff to portray. Having the ability to approach and talk openly to the public sector is something that can make promotional work so enjoyable for those that work within this career. Promoters are the face of a brand, business, or product, and possessing great communication with persuasion, energy, passion, and vision leads to a great promoter.

To be a good promoter, you need to be aware of the different approaches and angles to take, as well as knowing your competitors. At Breeze People, we pride ourselves on matching personalities to brands and getting the most out of your promotion. We’re one of the UK’s fastest-growing promotional agencies, and here is what you can expect from our promo staff.

We cover various different types of events, such as product demonstration, brand awareness, food sampling, promotional sales, leafleting PR stunts, and much more. If you would like to find out more about our promotional services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team by calling 02380 015 000 today, and we will be happy to help.