What Marketing Job is Right for Me?

What Marketing Job is Right for Me?

You are versatile and adventurous and that is why you felt called to marketing in the first place. This is, no doubt, one of the most fascinating sectors of today. However, this field changes all the time and offers very different positions.

For the Story-Teller

If you believe that marketing is telling a story to engage the clients – and convince them, at the same time, of buying your product – then advertising is the perfect field for you. If you want to become an expert in this area you also need to be very persuasive and a bit of a psychologist. You will be generating concepts, strategies and expressions that will hook your audience’s attention.

Writing Pen with Letters


For the Visual One

If someone asks you, will you definitely answer that an image is worth a thousand words? What is clear is that nobody can deny the power of visuals in our contemporary culture. This is basically because people just need a few seconds to register images, which makes them one of the most powerful marketing tools.

That is why you need to work in media. After others have created the concepts you will be the one in charge of communicating them using images through several platforms – the Internet, newspapers, billboards and so on – making sure they receive maximum exposure.

Communication Around Table


For the Conceptualist

Were you that student who managed to summarise the contents of a whole module in just one side of a page? Being able to conceptualise things and reduce them to their purest essence is a talent. And it will be especially valuable if you decide to work in branding.

In this field, you will have to work with individual companies to get completely familiarised with their values and products. Your aim will be translating these into a concise image, name and marketing strategy as well as finding the niche audience for them.

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For the Researcher

Did you study marketing at university? Did you love the research part of it, where you could finally put into practise all the different theories and research methods? If so, you will be a perfect marketing researcher. This role includes conducting polls, organising focus groups, recognising and anticipating consumer trends and gaining insights into the habits and the psychology of the buyer.

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For the Sociable One

If you love working with people and communicating your ideas directly to them – instead of being in a studio, sitting at a desk and designing a logo in solitude – you will be delighted to know that public relations (PR) is another possible job in the marketing sector.

You will act as an intermediary between your marketing company and the customers, the media, the investors and the public in general. You will be also in charge of writing press releases and promoting products in all sort of environments.

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