What You Need to Become a Promotional Girl or Boy

What You Need to Become a Promotional Girl or Boy

Being part of a promotional team is a lot of fun, as you’re able to interact with people all day long while entertaining them or promoting a product or service. Because promotional staff are considered the dynamic and energetic face of a brand during an event, it’s necessary that anyone interested in becoming part of a promo team needs to be able to strengthen the customer/product relationship.

So while being motivated, reliable and pro-active are very important skills in anyone who wishes to do promotional work, there are other vital skills to the job.


Communication Skills

Part of promoting a product or a service is being able to communicate them to the customer. Exuding confidence while talking to others is also important, meaning that promotional staff should always be engaging and sociable, in order to connect to people and ensure that they have a great time!


Working in a Team

Teamwork is extremely important as well. As a promotional girl or boy, you won’t be working alone, but as part of a team, so it’s vital that you’re capable of doing your best work this way. Remaining polite and attentive throughout the event is not just reserved for interactions with the audience, but also with your teammates, so that the overall result is an enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

Enthusiastic Demeanour

It’s important that you have a passion for promotional work, as that will reflect on how you engage with the public. Also, if you don’t look interested in the product you’re promoting, how will you make your audience pay attention and be interested? Enthusiasm is a necessary skill to be a promotional boy or girl, and you can’t be afraid to talk to strangers either!

Making people’s experience enjoyable and fun during an event is part of the work, although sometimes they don’t want to be disturbed, meaning you can’t be deterred and have to be able to carry on smiling throughout the event. Because a lot of companies work with mascots, you might have to don a costume and entertain everyone, which is yet another reason why this work is such fun!


So, to become a promo girl or boy you should have an outgoing personality and a set of skills oriented towards the customer, so that you can remain passionate and communicative throughout an entire event! If you feel like you have all the required skills, why not give it a go?

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