Who Needs Promotional Staff?

Who Needs Promotional Staff?

Every brand relies on a comprehensive marketing strategy to make sure that their products reach their target audience – even well known household names. Promotional staff can be used as part of that strategy in many ways, helping to give your brand and your product a relatable face and engaging your customer in ways that print and visual media just can’t manage.

Launching a new product or store?

She Who Dares launch

When you’re launching a new product or store, it’s important to get out there in front of your target audience – after all, nobody’s buying if they don’t know about you! Having a team of enthusiastic promotional staff to go out and tell people about your product or brand is fantastic value, and allows you to communicate your unique selling points and your brand’s ethos in a very clear way.

For the launch of the “She Who Dares” fragrance range, we sourced a team of elegant and engaging ladies who would be able to convey the brand values of the range to customers through their knowledge, style and attitudes, as well as with samples of the fragrances.

Marketing a product or service?

 Oz magician experiential

The more that you can engage with your customer, the more likely they are to remember your brand and your product favourably. That’s why experiential marketing has such great value; instead of simply showing the customer your product you allow them to engage with it, taste it, smell it or feel it, creating a far more memorable brand experience than simply looking at an advert.

For the launch of Disney’s Oz The Great And Powerful, we were asked to source professional magicians to engage with audience members waiting to see the film, adding value for customers and creating a real talking point which boosted media presence for the new film.

Looking for customer sign-ups?

Living Social data capture

Especially valuable for brands offering subscription based services rather than products, data capture involves going out and asking consumers for their details, with brand ambassadors often able to encourage the consumer to sign up for services on the spot. This not only boosts awareness of your brand, but at the same time directly boosts take-up, and requires very confident and engaging staff to pull it off successfully.

When Living Social wanted to boost their subscriptions in the South East, they turned to us to source a friendly, confident and approachable team with data capture experience. Our brand ambassadors went out to engage with consumers and encourage them to sign up to the offers available, with a result of over 150 new subscriptions on the day.

Whether you’re promoting a new product or service or an existing one, by using brand ambassadors and promotional staff you’ll be able to engage better with your consumer base and see real results. For more information on how we can help you with promo and event staffing, call us on 02380 015 000 or contact us online.