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Why Hire Promo Staff?

Some people may look at the idea of promo staff and wonder whether they are really necessary. Sure, they might be useful, but, in light of the fact that most businesses have plenty of staff of their own, is it really necessary to bring in people from outside your company to promote it?

Simply put, the answer to this question is a resounding ‘yes’!

Here at Breeze People, we really do believe that trained promotional staff will always be more efficient than a ‘get-you-by’ strategy that revolves around business staff. We know that’s a bold assertion though, so here are a few points to back up our opinion.


The Training

In most cases, your staff probably won’t be used to the idea of functioning in a promotional role, and many certainly won’t be comfortable about being thrown into such a situation. Because of that, you’re going to need to spend a lot of time training them; even in the rudimentary things. On the other hand, if you hire promo staff, whilst you’re still going to have to run through the specifics with them, they will already be trained in these types of situations, so you’ll be up and running much more swiftly.

At the end of the day, the success of an event or show can literally depend upon the actions of your promo staff. Your promo staff will convey your business message, serve as a point of contact, offer assistance and generally generate interest for you (amongst other things), so putting such an important responsibility in the hands of people who aren’t used to it is a risky call to make. Even though you may think your own staff know your company best, you can’t beat the professional touch.

The Efficiency

Following on from the above point, you have to ask yourself just how much business time you could spare whilst your own staff were being trained in a promotional sense. Trying to squeeze in training time alongside the day-to-day duties of a company is always problematic, and encouraging staff to partake in such activities at other times is usually not popular, to say the least.

When you bring in promo staff, you allow your own staff to continue doing what they do best, and you even free them up to contribute to your promotional strategy in other ways that they might be better suited to. Hiring promo staff means that absolutely everyone is playing to their strengths, and nothing is better than that when ensuring a successful event.

The Appearance

Finally, the flexibility of promo staff just can’t be matched by a makeshift undertaking. For example, if your marketing or promotional effort would be best complemented by people who conform to a specific appearance – select builds, hair colours, genders and the like – then established suppliers of promo staff (like us!) can meet this requirement for you with ease. You simply can’t get such a homogenous aesthetic from your business staff, and indeed it would be asking a lot to even expect them to try.

Hopefully, the above points will have convinced you that the hiring of promo staff is definitely the way forward for any advertising, marketing or promotional function, and here at Breeze People we have one of the largest databases of promo staff that you could ever wish to see. No matter what you’re looking for, we can assist you, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us now to find out more. Call us today on 02380 015 000 and we’ll always be pleased to help!