Why You Should Host Your Own Promotional Event This Year

Why You Should Host Your Own Promotional Event This Year

Everybody who is in the business of branding their company or getting the word out there knows the importance of heading out to as many trade shows, conferences and other promotional events as possible. But what you do when there’s nothing coming up in your industry, and you’re just itching to show people what your brand is all about?

The answer is simple – bring the promotional event to you! Open up your doors and let people come and witness your company at work, or set up a pop up shop in a busy location. This means that you can keep interacting with new customers even when there aren’t any dedicated events coming up. And that’s not the only reason to host your own promotional event this year…

No Competition

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When you host an event on your own terms, gone are all those concerns about standing out from your competitors – all of the attention is already on you. Yes, this does mean that you have to work hard to ensure that you can keep people interested, but since grabbing their attention in the first place is usually a big part of the battle, you’re already halfway there.

Give Customers an Insider’s Insight

If you allow your customers to actually see behind the scenes of your company then you’re giving them something completely unique: an insider’s perspective. A lot of companies use a version of technique in their advertising – allowing a glimpse behind the veil, so that customers feel a stronger connection with the brand. The recent Jim Beam advert featuring Mila Kunis is a perfect example, with a pop-culture twist:

If you have a unique manufacturing process, or anything else that may offer an interesting insight for visitors, open your doors and let people check it out!

Time to Talk

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However engaging your pitch, people at trade shows and other events usually have only a few minutes to chat with you before they’re whisking themselves away to the next stand. This isn’t the case if you hold your own event, and with the time to chat to people comes the opportunity to get to know them individually, and really express what you can offer them.

Don’t think of this as a sales pitch, think of it as an opportunity to communicate honestly with people – your customers will thank you for it, and in turn you’ll thank yourselves!

Of course, just because you’re setting up your own event, there’s no reason that you shouldn’t make things professional. Promotional staff such as experienced promo girls can add that extra sparkle which shows how much you care, and here at Breeze People we provide only the best, most enthusiastic staff – contact us online or at 02380 015 000 for all of the details.