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Will You Benefit from the Busiest Shopping Days of the Year?

The days are growing shorter, mince pies are on the supermarket shelves and Christmas ads are on the TV- yes, it’s the most wonderful time of the year! For retail businesses, it’s also the busiest, as people hit the streets as well as the online retailers in search of the perfect gifts. But retail businesses are not the only ones who can benefit from these busy days.

The Busiest Shopping Days in the UK

First things first; to make use of the busiest shopping days, you need to know when those cash registers will be ringing.

Black Friday – An American import which has caused chaotic scenes and shopping frenzies as people have literally fought over big-ticket items on limited sales. This year it’s November 27th, but it may not be as bad as previous years; Asda, for one, have stepped out of the sales.

The last Saturday before Christmas – With Christmas Day falling on a Friday this year, this isn’t quite as last minute as it may seem – but many people work right up to the day itself, so high streets can expect a high footfall on the 19th. In fact, any Saturday in December can be expected to be busy.

Boxing Day – It’s not all about the Christmas shopping – many people hold off hitting the high streets until the festive sales begin. Boxing Day is traditionally the UK’s biggest shopping day of the year, and this year it’s on a Saturday, too.

Why Are Busy Shopping Days Good For You?

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Any business can make good use of these busy shopping days – not just retailers. It’s a fantastic opportunity to get your brand in front of hundreds, even thousands of people, just by hitting the streets.

Getting your team out on the high street to talk to potential customers in your area is a great way to boost your presence at any time of the year – time it for one of these busy days and you’ll find a lot more of your market out there!

Of course, you do have to remember that when the high street is busy, everybody out there doing their shopping is also busy, and probably quite stressed. It’s a good idea to offer an incentive to stop; last year we helped Waitrose provide some cheerful elves to hand out samples, and the year before we helped Cath Kidston deliver hot chocolates to hassled Christmas shoppers. Both campaigns are a great example of successful engagement on busy shopping days!

Exhibitions at this time of year can also be busy; attendees often plan to buy as many presents as possible at conventions and other B2C shows, so it’s vital that you have enough exhibition staff to man your stand when it gets hectic.

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