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Working with Children’s Brands

There’s an old showbusiness saying, “Never work with children or animals” - but while they’re notoriously unpredictable, children are an important target audience for many brands and products. Here at Breeze People we know from experience that promoting brands for children requires a very special kind of individual.

One of the biggest factors in sourcing the right people to work with children is the CRB/DBS check. (They’re still often referred to as CRB checks, but officially are now called DBS checks.) Whilst it’s only strictly necessary when working with unsupervised children, it is good practice to have these checks in place for anybody working with children, to give the best possible peace of mind. In order to apply for a check, you will need to be able to provide a number of documents to prove your identity.

Secondly, you naturally need to have people who are good with children – they can be the most brutal, critical audiences possible, so brand ambassadors for children’s products need to be able to maintain high energy, enthusiasm and confidence under any conditions.

Children often have an innate sense for the truth, so it’s also important to find staff who have an interest in the area and the product that is being promoted. As an example, for the Skylanders Swap Force Summer Team, we searched our database for promotional staff who were CRB checked, good with children, and who had an interest in technology and gaming. The team we assembled were able to maintain their energy throughout the 4 day Camp Bestival and the 3 day Lollibop Festival, despite scorching temperatures, getting children involved in active demonstrations and consistently keeping their interest high.

Another frequent component in children’s brands and family-friendly brands is the use of costumed characters, which tends to present unique challenges in finding the right staff. The Minions costumes for the launch of Despicable Me 2 required staff who were not only experienced in this kind of role but also 5ft or shorter – the costumes were simply not suitable for anybody taller. In addition, Brand Ambassadors were required to chaperone the Minions due to the visibility restrictions of the costumes.


If you are particularly interested in working with brands for children or family audiences, then it is important that you provide us with the right information when you register with us; any experience that you already have in working with children and any relevant skills that you have will all go into the state of the art database which we use to find the most suitable people for any given client.