3 Things Promotional Girls Can Add to Your Event

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3 Things Promotional Girls Can Add to Your Event

When it comes to organising the next large scale event for your business, why not consider investing in promotional staff? Whether you are looking to increase sales, make a new audience aware of your unique brand or just to celebrate a brilliant product, promotional staff such as promo girls can add class, brand awareness and practical support to your event.

At Breeze People, we pride ourselves on bringing together the best promo girls in the business to ensure a smooth running, stunning and memorable event for your company. If you are considering promotional staff for your next business event, here are three things promotional girls will add to the occasion:

Promotional Girls Add Class

Whether you are planning a corporate event, a black tie dinner or a more fun, casual occasion, promotional girls will add sparkle and class. Dressed to impress and professional in their manner, our promotional staff will both look and act the part. A good promo team will embody the brand, adding class and sophistication whatever the theme.

Promotional Girls Promote Your Brand

Whether you choose a uniform with branding for your company, smart attire or a more casual, eye-catching look, promotional girls will capture an audience’s attention and raise brand awareness. Promo staff are also trained to understand your business – your aims, key brand messages and values. They are experienced in knowing how best to present your brand to the wider public. By choosing to use promotional girls to raise awareness, your brand will be presented based on the brief given to staff, targeting the right potential market to increase sales.

Promotional Girls Offer Practical Support

As well as making an event look great, promo staff can also be used to give away samples, collect and share information and man promotional stands. Examples of using promotional girls at events include giving away goodie bags at the end of a talk and interacting with prospective clients to take their details.

If you would like more information on how to hire the right promotional girls for your next event, contact Breeze People today by calling 02380 015 000 and we will be happy to help you.