3 Tips for Creating a More Relatable Brand

3 Tips for Creating a More Relatable Brand

At Breeze People we pride ourselves on offering our customers a range of options to help boost their business. Our methods of doing this are varied, ranging from providing you with the option of hiring promo girls to presenting you with advice through our continually updated blog.

One avenue which people often ask questions about is how to make their brand relatable and, subsequently, make their company that bit more approachable. Well, that’s what our staff are particularly great at doing when dealing with people on a face-to-face basis, however when it comes to adverts, social media and other means of promotion and communication, there are a few things you can consider when looking to build upon your company’s personality.

Be Personal

One way to lose the attention of your customer base is to automate the process of responding to their queries and – dare we say – complaints. You’ll be able to testify yourself that if you are going to receive a reply, you’d rather it wasn’t an impersonal, “cheers” or “soz”. Not only is it somewhat belittling, as if you aren’t meant to know it’s automated, it becomes angering and can alter your opinion to the brand as a whole. Equally, when the company is posting via social media, having staff sign it off with their own personal name can help to add and create a humanised element, and could even build up relationships with potential customers.

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Don’t Be Overtly Formal

In the same way as making it personal, being humorous and light-hearted is a great way of making your company more approachable as well as ultimately making your brand that bit extra relatable and accessible. Normal conversations between normal people don’t revolve around being hyper-formal or ‘talking shop’ all the time, so offer the same on the platforms from which you communicate. Also, don’t be afraid to throw in the odd colloquialism, because these can serve to up your relate-ability no end.

Admit Mistakes

One way of losing ‘friends’ is by covering your mistakes or acting like they didn’t happen. If you want to attract new customers, and keep old ones, then don’t lie – because that’s effectively what you’re doing by covering the truth. People would much rather you owned up to whatever faux-pas you’ve made than brush it under the carpet like it never happened. More importantly than admitting them, learn from them! By ignoring the areas in which you’ve made errors in the past, you aren’t evolving, and are even possibly doomed to repeat them.

Side Note: It is worth stating that you will need to rectify your mistake before simply confessing… that could result in a pretty awkward Tweet!

There are all sorts of little things you can do to give your company the personal and relatable edge over your competitors. Essentially it all stems down to the ol’ adage of catching more flies with honey and treating your customers, not like consumers, but like real-life people; people with likes, dislikes, emotions and, perhaps most importantly, a personality! They’re a clever bunch who aren’t one to have the wool pulled over their eyes that easily, so as long as you act genuine and friendly, you can’t go far wrong.


Beyond making your company and brand more relatable via your various channels of communication, there comes a point where you may find your business looking for a different branch of face-to-face interaction with potential customers – be that at an exhibition or in the street… that’s where Breeze People come in! Our friendly team are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to give your company the personal exposure it deserves, so don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can contact us on 02380 015 000 and allow us to give your business a friendly face!

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