3 Ways Your Promotional Event Can Meet the Hype

3 Ways Your Promotional Event Can Meet the Hype

Online marketing for an event builds such a following, that the expectations of attendees are running high. The backlash of a business’s reputation if those expectations are not met can have a negative impact. Just look at all those winter wonderland experiences that have appeared in the media over the years.

So, how can you make your promotional event a success for you and an experience your customers will remember?

Avoid False Promises

Customers will very quickly recognise when a brand has over promised and under delivered, and with the prevalence of social media, it doesn’t take long for word to spread, and in professional networks, this is even worse. It is well known that people will usually take into account their peers opinions during a purchasing decision.

It is great to build momentum, but know your audience and be honest. If you are using the pre-event promotion to promote your brand values, make sure that these values are embedded throughout the campaign, across every channel, culminating in the event itself.

Remember the Smaller Details

Don’t underestimate the smaller details during your event planning. Practical irritations will put your attendee in the wrong frame of mind before you have even spoken to them. The trick is to make every aspect of engaging with you as easy as possible.

Make sure they are greeted warmly by the promotional staff and that entry is swift and efficient. If you are providing drinks or food, make sure it is easily available and plenty of it for the number of attendees.  A simple map can work wonders and is further marketing collateral to highlight your brand and services.

If you choose to give away a promotional gift, make it useful. Include a bag or means to carry it so that your potential new lead isn’t distracted during that all-important first conversation.

Have the Right People on the Ground

Using promo staff at your event will not only create a physical presence, but they come with professional experience of how to engage with people at promotional events. They will also exponentially increase the number of people who interact with your brand in a positive way.

If you are looking for people to give your event that extra professional and personable feel, contact us and we will ensure your next event is as successful as your digital marketing.