Aspirational Brand Promotions

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Aspirational Brand Promotions

Marketing experts are just – in essence – extremely talented storytellers. And, as such, they love surprising their audience with the most unexpected twist. That is why companies are constantly developing new ways of promoting their products, and you can take inspiration from some of the biggest brands!


  1. Aldi and its Futuristic Wine Campaign

In May, Aldi decided to launch the supermarket’s first e-commerce site. To attract old and new clients alike, they brought a wine pop up to East London. Instead of going for the traditional look that most wine shops opt for, Aldi decided to show theirs as a futuristic space.

Everything was different: bright white walls, glass and rows of tablets – where clients could check out the range of wines available to buy online. This minimalistic setting made the actual bottles stand out and emphasised the novelty.


  1. Cadbury Dairy Milk and the Loch Ness Monster

Easter means big sales for Cadbury Dairy Milk, yet they innovate each single year with a new marketing campaign. Last March, they decided to promote themselves using one of our dearest – and most mysterious – myths, Nessie.

They dumped no less than three gigantic eggs – each of them the height of a double decker bus – to recreate the humps of the Loch Ness Monster – as shown in the famous photos supposedly taken of the creature. We know that Easter brings a lot of magic for the little ones, but we are sure they may have scared more than one child with this!

  1. Warner Brothers and the New Rocky Movie

If you work in the cinema industry, you are probably used to shocking spectators. That is precisely what Warner Brothers did on the London Underground last January to encourage people to watch Creed, the last Rocky movie. They used something that everyone is familiar with – that inspiring Rocky theme tune – to greet the commuters in the early morning rush hour.

But to listen to this music, you couldn’t be just an ordinary passenger, you needed to challenge yourself too – following Rocky’s steps. That is why the band of real musicians played the song only to those who were brave enough to take the stairs instead of the escalator.


  1. Settled and Game of Thrones Properties

When you go to an online marketplace, do you expect to find Winterfell on sale? Settled decided to surprise their clients and in April – when the latest season of this worldly known series was launched – they did an infographic showing today’s value of some of the series’ most iconic properties.


We know that marketing campaigns can take weeks and even months of hard work. But what we are sure of is that just one single moment can be very decisive in attracting many more potential clients to your business. Do you feel inspired by these great stunt brand promotions that we have just shown you? If you have a brilliant idea for yours, we can provide you with the trained promotional staff you need. Contact us today and we’ll be delighted to help!