Benefits of Using Promotional Staff in an Online World

Benefits of Using Promotional Staff in an Online World

As we know it, the world is becoming more technology-driven, and online marketing has grown in size over the past few years. However, it’s important not to forget that offline forms of marketing can still be extremely effective when driving brand awareness and getting your company noticed.

Whether this is at trade shows, exhibition shows or simply just staff in the street, there are many benefits to opting for promo staff with Breeze People.


We work with some extremely high-profile brands and know the key to great promotional activity is communication. All our staff are highly trained in knowing how to communicate with customers in a professional and engaging manner, whether that’s during a product demonstration, offering food sampling or at a roadshow.

Having easy to approach, confident promotional staff will drive high levels of conversation between new potential customers, too, so you’re on to a winner.

Brand Awareness

Using promo staff will above all, drive awareness of your brand where you need it most. From actors to dancers and VIP hospitality staff, our employees are highly experienced in driving brand awareness for many top name companies. Having that additional layer to drive awareness at an event is key and can reap plenty of rewards.

Encourage Conversation and Engaging Customers

Experience is key, and we know our staff are extremely experienced in engaging customers and sparking up a conversation. Not to mention they need to be friendly and approachable in order to do so, no matter what the brand may be.

We always take time to get to know any new staff before hiring them,  so you know you’re getting the best of the best in professionalism when you come to us.

One-to-One Experience

The one-to-one experience is equally important, making your customers feel like they’re the main point of focus at all times. All the experience gained by our range of promotional staff, whether that be promotional girls, or exhibition staff, is best in class and all offer exceptional one-on-one experiences with your audience.

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