Choose professionally profiled promotional staff to achieve your brand objectives

Female promotional staff

Wondering how to bring your next campaign to life? The answer is to bring in promotional staff who can effectively communicate with consumers.

However, we understand that you want the right people to represent you. That’s why we take the time to match personalities, skills and experience to your brief.

The result is a team of professional and talented promotional staff who can effectively engage with consumers to deliver your messaging to your target market in a memorable way.

How we profile our staff

At Breeze, we have an active pool of fully profiled on-brand staff with the ability to communicate, engage and relate to consumers.

Our first step is to assess applicants for their suitability. If they have the right experience and personality traits, we invite them to attend one of our regional casting days. These are run annually between February and April in various locations across the UK.

By holding regional casting days nationwide, we can meet our staff face to face. It’s an opportunity for Breeze to find out more about each individual.

We run these as group sessions of up to 10 people, and each person will be asked to pitch a product. If an applicant can’t attend a casting day, a pre-screen telephone interview is set up.

Our process is relaxed and informal. We simply want to discover the skills and experience of each individual. We prefer people with previous experience in promotional work. But if a person has a particular talent such as acting, this can be a strong skillset for an engaging costume performer.

What makes Breeze People different?

At Breeze, we look for individuals with energy, enthusiasm and confidence. They must be reliable and have the ability to communicate and engage.

We want to attract the best people, and when we find them, we want to keep them.
That’s why we cap our active pool of professional staff as this provides us with a reliable and dedicated team. We want to ensure only the best promotional talent represents our clients and us.

By capping our numbers, we’re able to offer regular work to our staff, which keeps them motivated. And we also reward our team for their loyalty.

How we match our staff with your brief

At the heart of what we do is matching the right staff with each brand.

To ensure we get it right every time, we ask our clients for a brief that explains the objectives of their promotion. What does their brand stand for? What do they want it to achieve?

We then start the selection process. We want to match our staff’s skills and experience with the client brief. If a client has a product they want to promote that’s targeting families, then we’ll look for staff with experience of working with children.

A good example of this is our campaign for Skippy Peanut Butter. We were able to provide staff that could engage with families and were DBS checked – and could act as children’s TV entertainers.

Then there was the Hewlett Packard Experiential Roadshow. We provided staff who were tech-savvy and had brand experience.

Once we create a shortlist of the right staff, we send a portfolio to the client. Although we make recommendations on which people we feel will be best suited, the final decision is the clients.

Transform your event into something special

If you’re wondering how to make your next event stand out from the crowd, these are just some of the activities we undertake.

  • Brand Experiences
  • Store Launches
  • PR Stunts
  • Sampling Activities
  • Exhibitions
  • Data Capture
  • Experiential
  • Product Demonstration
  • Brand Awareness
  • Road Shows
  • In-Store Sales

We have a team of professional, engaging promotional staff throughout the UK that you can call on to help drive brand engagement and bring your campaign to life. Give us a call on 02380 015 000 to find out more.