Event Marketing: What It Is and Why It Counts (Part Five)

Event Marketing: What It Is and Why It Counts (Part Five)

After the Party: The Post-Event Autopsy

And so we reach our conclusion. As it’s the last in the series, let’s look back at some of the highlights, the best bits, the laughs we had and… Ok, not really – this isn’t a cheap sit-com clip-show cop-out, after all (Try saying that three times fast). In our final blog we’re going to study what happens after the party.

Just because you and your staff have all packed up and driven away doesn’t mean the marketing is over, right? In fact, this is one of the most crucial moments of the entire operation – it’s the chance to capitalise on all that hard-work and awareness-raising you’ve been doing.


Get Online

Hopefully, during the event, you’ve been Tweeting about it, Facebooking it, Insta-gramming it and offering your followers and friends something to share and chat about. And that certainly doesn’t end now the show’s over. Most importantly, thank those who joined you for coming down to visit you, let them know you look forward to seeing them again. Be polite, be grateful. Tell those who weren’t there where and when they’ll find you next. Write a blog lauding the event, put those photos you’ve taken, and Tweeted, into it – make use of all that content you’ve sourced and get it on your website.


Get Feedback

It’s all very well you thinking the event was an enormous success, but what about the people who attended? Find out what they thought with a follow-up email if you were collecting them, or asking them on social media. Gauge their responses, find out what they liked, and read into those responses just how you can make your next event marketing campaign even better!


Look Back

Now’s the perfect time to look at those goals you set yourself before your event took place – did you set out everything you aimed to achieve? Have you raised awareness? Have you cultivated a fan-base? And don’t just go ahead and focus on the positives, there’s always-always-always room for improvement. If you’ve raised awareness in one area, next time go for two. Event marketing is such a diverse form that there’s always new ways to market your product or brand.


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