Event Marketing: What It Is and Why It Counts (Part Four)

Event Marketing: What It Is and Why It Counts (Part Four)

In the penultimate part of our mini-series on event marketing, we’re going to look at how to attract attention for your event marketing campaign. After all, it’s all very well knowing what you want to achieve, and planning your event marketing with laser-precision focus, but that’s for the birds unless you actually get noticed.


Attracting attention could be as simple as the right type of event marketing. Everyone loves a freebie, right? Right! So just handing out, say, hot chocolates at a train station on a chilly December morn might be enough to get the desired response. People can’t resist a bargain – and there’s no greater bargain than something that costs nothing.

However, you might be putting on a large scale. And in that situation, just a humble cup of cocoa, or whatever you’re offering, probably won’t cut it. Although you’ll still have people taking them off your hands, you’ll get lost in the crowd, especially at big exhibitions and Christmas market-style outdoor events.


Colour is pretty important here. If you’re a big ol’ brand whose primary colours are blue and red, then you can’t go putting up green and yellow banners because you’ll want to be recognised for who you are. But what you can do is amplify those original colours; make them dominate your stand. More than that, if you can create a stand which really stands out through creative design, you’re so much more likely to have people approach you. It needn’t just be a counter and a colourful background. You might even throw something spectacular into the mix. If you pass a brightly-painted military jet surrounded by enthusiastic promo staff, you’re unlikely to just keep walking.

Music is another awesome way to get people over to you. Obviously by this point you’ve determined who you’re trying to market to, so choose music that will appeal to that demographic. However great The White Cliffs of Dover is, it’s unlikely to catch the ear of the youngsters; and older folk aren’t going to be drawn to seriously loud hip-hop.


You might also want to consider the type of event marketing you’re offering. You might fancy offering an interactive event – a hands-on demonstration of your latest tablet which implements augmented reality, or a chance for users to code using your newest software. Or you might eschew the whole hard-sell angle entirely, and offer a just-for-fun element instead. Bouncy castles, a face painting event, or even, as we did with the launch of Dark Souls II, simply having a staff member dress as a character from the game, interacting with potential customers.

Of course, one of the best ways to attract attention is by having seriously enthusiastic promo staff. Who can resist amiable and knowledgeable folks representing your brand? Here at Breeze People we specialise in providing the best staff in the biz. For more information about our services, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 02380 015 000 and we’ll be more than happy to help.