Exhibitions: How to Entice People to Your Stand

Exhibitions: How to Entice People to Your Stand

Exhibitions are a fantastic place to meet face to face with your potential customers, and with our enthusiastic exhibition staff it’s easier than ever to make sure that everyone who stops by goes home with the right impression of your brand. However, exhibitions also see you standing side by side with your competitors, and as you jostle for attention it’s important to know all the tricks for enticing people to your stand! Never fear: here’s how it’s done.

Spread the Word

Make sure that people know what you’re offering at your stand before the event even starts, by sending out flyers, emails, tweets and even personal invites. Only 30% of the attendees at trade shows and exhibitions are wandering aimlessly, waiting to see what attracts their attention – the rest have done their research and are following carefully planned schedules. If you haven’t got the word out to those people then you’re starting the day at an unnecessary disadvantage!

Give Something Away

Free gifts, competitions, promotional discounts and product samples: if there’s something for nothing then people will want it, and they’ll happily stop at your stand to get it. As well as drawing people in, this is the perfect way to show that you’re a brand that gives something back to their customers. Even better, try and offer something that your competitors don’t have – ditch the dodgy biros and give away something unusual, like refreshments, to create an even bigger buzz.

Offer Relaxation

As well as giving away actual, physical items, you can bring traffic to your stand by providing something a little bit harder to come by – some peace! A lot of people get tired of the constant sales pitches at exhibitions and trade shows, so stalls which offer a moment’s rest or some games to unwind with can quickly find themselves drawing the crowds.

Launch a Product

People love to see something new, and they’ll love it even more if they’re the first to have the privilege. Make your product launch coincide with an exhibition and let people be the first to see, feel and experience your newest range. Just make sure that you’ve advertised it beforehand to really feel the benefits.

Ultimately, the number one thing to remember is that it should catch the eye – so make it big, make it bold, and make sure that it reflects your brand. With those three rules in mind you can’t go wrong, especially when you have experienced staff there to plug the message for you. Contact us today at 02380 015 000 to get our highly trained staff at your event.