How Does Experiential Marketing Benefit Consumers and Brands?

How Does Experiential Marketing Benefit Consumers and Brands?

We live in a digital world nowadays. But you’ll be surprised to see how in-person promotions and experiential marketing campaigns can benefit not only your brand but the customer too. Experiential marketing can give you an edge over your competitors even, seeing as it’s a refreshing change to have an authentic experience with a brand in real life. It doesn’t mean you have to cut out digital either. In fact, you can integrate digital marketing with your promotional event to have an even greater impact.

Here are a few of the many ways that experiential marketing could benefit your brand:

It Can Increase Sales

Did you know that millennials are now the largest generation worldwide? Therefore, they have a lot of purchasing power. The thing about millennials is that they crave experience – that’s what they want to spend their money on. Experiential marketing is an excellent way to draw in millennials as it offers a personalised and genuine experience to the potential customer.

It Encourages Loyalty

Not only do people come away from an event with a better opinion of a product or service, they often become regular customers. Why? The main reason is that the attendees of an event have a real-life experience with a product that’s memorable. They form an authentic connection with a brand because they are able to interact with products and communicate with promotional staff to get answers to their most pressing questions.

It Can Be Integrated with Other Marketing Methods

Lots of businesses are using social media to support their product activations or events. For instance, you might want to come up with a unique hashtag for the promo. So, whenever a viewer mentions your activation on social media or if they post pictures, they will include the hashtag. This can generate hype surrounding your product or experience. Hence, the reach of your promotion extends further than the people who are present, it reaches their friends, family and all of their other social media connections.

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