How to Get the Most Out of an Event Sponsorship Deal

Branding can help to get the best out of your event sponsorship deal

How to Get the Most Out of an Event Sponsorship Deal

Sponsoring an event is a great way to get your name out there and reach a range of customers, but it is important that you do it right. Too often, companies choose to sponsor an event and then fail to back it up with the right investment to make that sponsorship worthwhile. It is not enough to simply put your name to an event; you need to ensure that you make an impression at that event, too.

Here we explore how you can ensure that your brand makes an impact at the event you’re sponsoring:

Put Your Logo on It

First of all, it is essential that you plan your sponsorship deal so that it gives you good visibility. Consider what the most common item that attendees will receive is and get your name on it. This could be a t-shirt, medal, pen or plastic bag. Make your mark on this and you will guarantee that everyone will see your logo and carry it around.

Invest in Banding Materials

Investing in branding materials is also essential to making a mark on an event. Flags, branding rolls and banners can be set up all over an event and will make your brand hugely more visible. Consider the message you want to send with your branding and make it bright, clear and simple to understand.

Remember to buy the right branding for the event, too. Flimsy carbon fibre flags will not stand up to a windy outdoor event, so you need to plan for the conditions appropriately.

Get the Right Staff

Having the right face for your brand is essential. You need bubbly, outgoing promotional staff to help you sell your brand to the customers.

If you merely wait at your stall for people to come over, you won’t reach many customers, but with the right staff walking around and talking to people, you can ensure that everyone gets the best first impression of your company.

Offer Freebies

Giving away a good quality freebie that people actually want is the best way to ensure that everyone takes your brand home with them. This item should be related to your business and should not be a cheaply produced throw away item. Remember that you want customers to appreciate the quality that your company can offer, so give them a freebie worth keeping.

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