Get Social: When Social Media and Marketing Combine

Get Social: When Social Media and Marketing Combine

Everyone knows that social media is basically a marketer’s dream, right? After all, what better way to get even more exposure for your product launch than by Tweeting it, Facebooking it, Instagramming it and Youtubing it to millions more potential customers than you ever could with a little old poster in a newsagent’s shop or yelling about it at the top of your voice, town cryer-style? Hear ye, hear ye, hear ye indeed.

But that doesn’t make social media a foolproof method of attaining your marketing goals – at least, you can’t send out one Tweet or update your status on Facebook and expect the loyal customers – and their many millions of pounds, dollars and yen – to come rolling in. All right, so how do you do it? Why, by following these three easy steps, of course.


Engage Everyone

You know that one guy at work who asks you how your weekend was just so he can tell you how awesome his was? Well, that’s how folks come across online when all they do is monologue the heck out of Twitter. No-one wants to be stonewalled by a company who thinks what they have to say is more important than anything else in the whole entire world. Social media is all about engagement. It’s about whipping them up into a sheer frenzy about your event by, y’know, chatting to them. Informative and engaging – these are your watch words.


Hashtag It

Sure, these days everyone knows what a hashtag is. But that doesn’t mean everyone understands how to use them. For instance, some companies try hashtagging words that will never, ever in a million years #become popular with general users. Or worse, #hashtag #entire #sentences. Coming up with a hashtag for your event can mean the difference between a handful of people being aware of your campaign, and it trending on Twitter for the entire world to see! Choose a neat, snappy line – not an all-encompassing mission statement – that will have people intrigued about your event.


Create and Communicate

So the show’s started. Your promo or exhibition staff are kitted out and ready to start cheerfully plugging your product. But the job’s not done yet. Using social media throughout the event is crucial in maintaining that engagement you worked so hard to build in the run-up. Create content that can be shared, such as videos and photos, and converse with those who are using your hashtag. Even after your campaign has ended, make full use of that content and the feedback you receive, to maintain the momentum.


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