How Important Are Promo Gifts?

How Important Are Promo Gifts?

When it comes to your business you want to make a lasting impression and you want to make a lasting impression; when you exhibit, you want future clients to leave your stand remembering everything. So, after you’ve had the perfect exhibition stand built, hired the perfect promo staff and made it to the event, you need one last thing: promotional gifts.


Why? Well handing out a business card is always a professional thing to do, but to hand over something memorable and useful will make your business stand out. If you are a company that deals in serious matters, this could be your chance to be a little creative and bring some fun into your business.

Promotional gifts, when bought in bulk, are inexpensive ways to make your business have a longer-lasting impression, as well as acting as an advertising platform. Bands have cashed in on the promotional item game with T-shirts; when a fan wears a T-shirt it acts as a walking billboard, offering extra promotion.

Think about how to get your businesses logo out even further, whilst treating your potential clients to a gift that is useful to them. This is a goal for any business, especially smaller ones. Thinking how you can make your brand stand out from the competitors is crucial and giving a little gift could be what sets you miles ahead.


Some obvious ones are mugs ( because let’s face it, who doesn’t enjoy a good brew?), pens, as they will always be useful, and T-shirts. These days it’s easy to personalise any gift for your business; if you are a bar owner, you can hand out personalised bottle openers, for example.

Once you have decided on the right type of ‘freebie’ for your company you’ll need the right promo staff to dish them out! Here at Breeze People we are able to provide your company with the perfect people to fit your needs, in a professional manner. Contact us on 02380 015 000 to discuss your promotional staffing needs.