How not to do event marketing

How not to do event marketing

Promotional events are a brilliant way for you to promote your brand and its products. When done right you will increase brand awareness, boost brand loyalty and learn from your customers. However if done wrong, you will damage your brand and waste a lot of money in the process. To help you avoid planning a bad event, here are the ways you can avoid making three of the most common event marketing mistakes. Starting with…

Forgetting everybody who isn’t attending

When you are planning an event you should make sure you are not just planning it for the people who are attending. Unless all of your current and potential customers are going to be at your event, you are missing a huge opportunity if you don’t consider all of the people who are not making it to the event. When you are planning your event you should always keep in mind “how does this help me promote my brand to those not here”. Social media is a brilliant way that those not at the event can be reached. You should be encouraging those attending to share their experiences with others through online channels. Of course you first need to have something worth sharing at your event! Another way that you can include those not attending is by streaming your event live, or recording it for others to see later on. If you keep these things in mind then your event’s reach is not limited by the capacity of your event space.

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 Forgetting about the event once it’s over

Completely forgetting about the event once it’s over is not a smart thing to do. Just because there’s nobody there, does not mean that your event is over and forgotten about. Firstly, you will likely have a large amount of content that you can share in the form of photos or videos that can be used on your social media platforms. You probably also learned a whole lot about your customers by talking to them and you should make sure that you are doing something with this. Finally, you need to review how the event went. Did you achieve your goals? Why or why not? This is an opportunity for you to learn important lessons about how you should be planning events right for your audience.

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Hiring the wrong staff

As the face of your brand, you want to be hiring the best and most appropriate event staff for your event. The staff needs to be knowledgeable of your brand, representative of your brand, and good at getting your message across. If you hire staff who cannot answer anybody’s questions, do not stand for what your brand does, and appears to be bored for the whole of the event then you are not going to provide or receive much value.

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We hope that you’ve picked up some valuable tips on how not to plan your events. We at Breeze People can help you to source fantastic promo girls and event staff to meet your needs, however specific they may be. This ensures that you have the correct staff for your event in order to make it the best it can be. If you would like more information then don’t hesitate to contact us today on 02380 015 000.