How to Choose the Right Look For Your Promotional Staff

How to Choose the Right Look For Your Promotional Staff

When at a promotional event or new product launch it’s important to ensure that your event staff not only know how to act, but also look the part! Styling is a huge part of this; and this doesn’t just mean that everyone has to look like a supermodel. To sell your brand in a positive light you have to have a great unified look!

As we have years of expertise in this industry, we know exactly what it takes to ensure that you have success at your tradeshow, product launch or event – especially when it comes to promotional staff! So we’ve created a guide that will help you to choose the right look for your promotional staff:

Do You Have a Theme?

breeze1Does the event you are planning have a theme? If so, then it’s only obvious that your staff should dress for it appropriately. For example if your event has a 1950’s theme, you wouldn’t want your staff dressed as robots, would you?! It’s important to choose a theme/style and stick to it – otherwise it just won’t work! Everything from makeup to costume must go together and you will look extremely professional with an edge of fun – which is what people want! 

Professional Brand


You’re promotional staff should be recognisable to your brand; therefore it’s important that uniforms or outfits represent your professional brand aptly. Your staff should generally wear the same thing as each other so it is easy to distinguish who is working and who is a customer – this makes it much easier for prospective clients to ask questions to the right people should they need to!

Colour & Logo


It’s important that your business’ logo can be seen somewhere; this will help people to remember you and be able to tell you apart from the crowd – and isn’t that the whole point of a promotional event or launch? TO BE NOTICED!

Colour is also an important part of your team’s look; you should always try to choose a shade that is eye catching so that you can be seen! Many businesses choose red as their colour as it is bright, bold and youthful! – plus everyone looks good in red! Colour also fits into the theme category; for example, if your theme is ‘underwater’ – obviously go for blue. Ensure that everything is unified.


Now comes the big question…to wear costumes or to not wear costumes? The answer of course varies. There is a time and a place for the costume and a time and place where it should definitely NOT be used – at professional B2B networking trade shows we would certainly advise against it, however for on-street marketing this can work like a dream. 


So when it comes to what your promotional team looks like, ensure there is some form of unity! They are here to represent your business brand in the best possible light and attract attention to your event or brand new product launch!

Of course, looks are hugely important in this industry, however it is just as, or even more important to have an excellent team who can sell and have a passion for what they do!

At Breeze People we take the time to get to know our promotional staff so that you can be certain that you have the best staff for your needs. If you would like more information about our services then please take a browse around our website or get in contact with our professional team who are always happy to help and provide advice should you need it!

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