How to Get the Most Out of Promotional Staff

Promo Staff

How to Get the Most Out of Promotional Staff

Promotional staff can be an amazing asset to your promotional event or campaign. Enthusiastic staff who are excited about the brand and keen to engage the public can make the difference between a good event and a great one. So, how do you make sure your promotional staff are on top form? At Breeze People, we are confident that our amazing promotional staff are perfect for your business. Here are three tips on getting the most out of your promotional staff.

Clear Tasks

No matter how great your staff are, if they’re unsure of their tasks and responsibilities it’s going to make things harder for everyone. Creating clear guidelines and making sure each staff member knows what they are expected to do is the best way you can manage your team and get everyone working together. Create a clear schedule with times and personnel involved in each area so that everyone knows what they are doing. Make sure it’s clearly displayed so if there is any uncertainty people know where to look for information.

Rewards and Incentives

Depending on the event, sometimes rewards and incentives can be a great way to encourage staff to try that little bit harder and put in maximum effort. Whether it’s a £10 gift card for the person who gets the most email sign ups, or even to sell one of your products; something small and fun is an easy way to encourage a little healthy competition!

Team Spirit

Promotional events can often be high energy and at a fast pace, so it’s important that everyone is working together and full of enthusiasm. Whether it’s a quick pep talk before the event, or a lunchtime chat with your staff to tell them they’re doing a great job; try and create a fun atmosphere where staff will enjoy working. If there are a range of tasks available, then switching up roles can be a great way to keep staff enthusiastic and involved. It also means that everyone gets a chance to try out different skills and experiences too.

If you’re looking for fantastic promotional staff that will always bring their best, contact us for a quote and we’ll see how we can help!