Make Your Next Promotional Event a Promotional Experience

Make Your Next Promotional Event a Promotional Experience

When you take your brand out of the office and head to a conference or other corporate event, you want to attract as many eager new customers as possible by showing off everything you have to offer. Unfortunately, it’s all too common to find yourself competing against dozens of other stands, all of which have the same thought in mind: let’s get our message out there. As people get bombarded by too much information they tend to switch off, however interested they were to begin with, so it’s absolutely crucial that you find a way to stand out from the crowd.

Probably the best way to make this happen is to transform your event stand into an immersive experience: target all of the senses, invite people to get hands-on with your product and, above all, make something which they’ll remember because they were able to actually get involved. Here are some tips for making a cohesive and eye-catching brand experience which will inspire consumers to stick around at your stall for a little while longer:

Embrace Sight and Sound with a Choreographed Dance Routine

The first step of the process is actually drawing people to your stand, so put together a spectacle which will draw their eyes and their ears to your display – not anybody else’s. Bright colours and logos are a good place to start, but that also means that all of your competitors will have them too. When you need something a little bit special, you can’t beat a choreographed dance routine set to a catchy company jingle or a pop song with the lyrics repurposed to suit your company motto.

All that movement and noise is guaranteed to turn some heads, and when it does people will start drifting over to find out more…

Get Physical by Letting People Touch Your Product

Once people have made it to your stand, you still have half the battle left to win: hand out flyers and start chattering away about the merits of your product and you might get some interest, but what people really want is the opportunity to actually interact with your product.

Have faith in your product by bringing it with you and giving interested could-be consumers the chance to play around with it: that way, it can sell itself, while you answer any questions.

Tantalise the Taste-Buds with Luxurious Chocolates, or Energising Tea and Coffee

While people get to grips with your product, you can also be on hand to pour them a cuppa or hand out some chocolates. The element of luxury gives you the chance to turn an already positive experience into something which is truly memorable, and it can also be an invaluable opportunity to get your branding out there.

By incorporating high-quality, high-impact promotional gifts from EMC Ad Gifts into this part of the event experience, you get the chance to leave your clients with something that will remind them of your brand identity. For instance, after they’ve finished recharging with that much needed coffee, let them keep the mug – which has your logo, company name or other branded image emblazoned on the side, of course. Make sure you have plenty of other swag for people to take home with them too… after-all, everybody loves a freebie!

To ensure that the process goes as smoothly as possible, it always pays to have experienced promotional staff there with you – the exhibition staff here at Breeze People can get your customers excited and interact with them in a way that presents the best possible image of your business! To find out more, get in touch today online or at 02380 015 000, we’d love to hear from you!