Marketing Trends of 2017

Marketing Trends of 2017

In the modern world, nothing moves quite so fast as the advertising and marketing of businesses. Between B2B and B2C marketers, there are many different techniques and trends which are constantly in flux. In 2017, we have already seen many different techniques rise and some fall to be a thing of the past. Being aware of these changes are important, as they help you understand how to best implement your marketing and make the best impact upon your customers.

So, what changes or trends should you expect in the rest of the coming year? How will they affect the implementation of your marketing efforts?

Influencer Marketing

Though not a new concept, there is no doubt that influencer marketing will be on the rise for the latter half of 2017. Every consumer has an influence on their buying habits and marketing is attempting to shift those influences towards your own product/service. Influencer marketing is going that step further, discovering specific people in your consumer networks which will provide you valuable leads and a reputation in that consumer base.

It’s a two-way relationship, as you also need to equip the influencer with something valuable to offer their audience. Social media is the best way to both find and utilise these influencers, particularly those with big followings on networks such as YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. However, you should also be aware of the rise of micro-influencers. Those in B2B industries with much smaller audiences, but who exist in such a niche space that these small audiences are extremely convertible with the right content.

Visual Content Marketing

The continued trend of marketers on visual content will continue throughout the year, expanding beyond the B2C market and into B2B. Engaging, compelling, content is extremely important and believed to be much more shareable than the written word. So, expect more videos (including 360-degree glimpses into businesses), infographics and much more visual blog content.

Personal Everything

Coca-Cola cans with your name on it, emails addressed to you and more are all an important aspect of the growing personalisation of marketing. No longer are you one of the faceless masses targeted by marketers, you have a name and you matter. So, expect more of the same and perhaps, even more, customization throughout the coming months. This will evolve to a much more personalised social experience as well, as companies seek to engage further with their customers on platforms such as Twitter in 2017.

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