People Don’t Talk To Brands

People Don’t Talk To Brands

Whether you’re running a huge multinational company or a small local chain, one of the most important things you can do is to engage with your customers. This has always been important, but over the last decade or so it’s also become a lot more confusing. These days, everybody and their granny is online, and many companies focus a lot of effort on internet activities and engagement.

However, this can only get you so far. Sure, you can get people to click “Like” on your Facebook page, and maybe even on the messages that you post there – but how many of them actually do buy your products and services? How many of them would actually recommend you to their friends? None of us have as many true, real friends as we have Facebook friends, and the same applies to brands.

This is why it’s so important to take your brand out into the world; whether that’s a street promotion campaign, a viral marketing stunt, a trade show appearance or any other kind of event. It gives you the opportunity to go out and get some real-world engagement with your customers.

Whatever kind of event you choose to run, you need to get the right people to present you. Choosing the right people depends on two things – your company image and your target demographic. You need to choose staff who both reflect your company image – whether that’s formal or fun, sporty or relaxed – and who are relatable to your target demographic.

Why is this important? Simple – people don’t talk to brands, they talk to other people. You can see this at many exhibition or trade shows in the country. There’s one stand with inattentive or absent staff, and right next door another one with enthusiastic and friendly people on duty. They may both have just as much information about their products available, but watch them for just a little while and you’ll see the difference. People won’t stop at your stand if there’s nobody there for them to talk to, and if they don’t stop they don’t read your information, don’t take a leaflet, and they don’t make a purchase.

By ensuring that your brand is just as well represented out in the street and at events as it is online, you can engage with your customers where it really matters and turn every one into an ambassador for your products and services.

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