Promo Girls

Professional, Pro-active & Engaging

What do you want from your event or exhibition? To make an impact, to be remembered, to promote your business by engaging with consumers.

Why Use Promotional Girls?

Create an unforgettable experience with our hand-picked promo girls. Professional, engaging and pro- active they’ll bring that extra sparkle to any exhibition, promotion or live event.

Each and every one of our Promo Girls is hand-picked to ensure we can match the right personalities, skills & experience to your brief.

They intuitively understand your business, values, aims, and how best to represent your brand to the market. The event staff you choose to represent your company shouldn’t simply be hired help; they need to embody everything you stand for, and act as an ambassador for your brand.

When our promo girls and models are working your event, they’re as much a part of your company as you are.

Applicable to all of our promotional staff and nature of work, we’re experienced in delivering a wide range of events and promotions. Check out some of our previous work – we’re passionate about bringing events to life. Events like…

Promo Girl Activities

  • Exhibitions
  • Experiential
  • Music Festivals
  • PR Stunts
  • Sporting Venues
  • Nightclubs
  • Road Shows
  • Trade Shows
  • VIP Events
  • Promotional Activities
  • Conferences
  • Store Launches

Profiling our Promo Girls

Using our active, primed database, we offer you the ultimate choice in promotional event staffing – from choosing the height and hair colour, to deciding upon experience, location and qualifications.

Want to work with our promo team? We can provide…

  • Promo Girls
  • Hostesses
  • Show Girls
  • Promotional Models
  • VIP Hospitality Girls
  • Ring Girls
  • Trade Show Girls
  • Grid Girls
  • Promotional Sales Girls
  • Exhibition Girls
  • Event Girls
  • Meet & Greet

No matter how specific your brief may be, we can profile premium promo girls that will truly hit the mark. Whatever event exhibitions services you need, Breeze People can deliver!

Ready to get your show on the road? All you have to do is contact us or head over to our online form for a quote. We’re a social bunch, so why not follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter for all the latest news and updates on our work. Want to know more?