Promotional Demonstrations: Engage Your Audience

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Promotional Demonstrations: Engage Your Audience

If you’ve planned to launch a product at a promotional event, then you may decide to perform product demonstrations at your stand or event tent. If you’ve got all the necessary preparations in place; practice run-throughs scheduled, all the necessary equipment to hand, and you’ve checked any computer programs are functioning properly, then now you have to think about your audience.

You can’t predict how your audience is going to react; there could be varied personalities, people could be in different moods, and the number of people that attend is unpredictable. You need to be able to engage a dwindling audience, or encourage people to get involved with your product, whoever’s in your audience.

Speak for the number of people

Chances are that you have a script in place for your product demonstration and as many times as you’ve practiced it by yourself or for friends, you can’t be sure how it’s going to go on the day.

You’ve got to be able to adjust your speech for the number of people you’re talking to. If it’s a small group, then don’t talk at them like you would a larger audience. Keep it more intimate for fewer people and try and maintain eye contact with the people in front of you.

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Audience Participation

Getting people involved in your presentation gets others more intrigued in your product and what you’re talking about, because someone who essentially doesn’t know what they’re doing becomes part of the performance.

Asking people questions also motivates people to perk up and listen, and it adds a different dimension to the presentation. Getting the audience as a collective to repeat key words or to raise their hands to answer different questions is also a great way to gain everyone’s attention.

Use Visuals

If you’re just talking to people for long periods of time, it’s a sure fire way of losing their attention fast. Using visuals such as pictures or videos to accompany or break up the demonstration draws people’s focus to different things regularly throughout, as opposed to them slowly losing concentration about the topic you’re talking about.

Demonstrations, however, demand that you have something to actually demonstrate the use of, so making sure everybody can see what you’re doing is vital. Having a screen connected to a camera so that members at the back of the audience can see you would be something to consider.

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Whether you’re demonstrating products for the public, or enticing people towards your promotional stand, you’re going to need confident and engaging staff to perfectly portray your product and brand message. Breeze People are one of the best promotional agencies,  and we can supply promo staff tailored to your event, choosing only the best suited individuals to make up your working team. For more enquiries into our services, feel free to contact us at 02380 015 000, otherwise you can also find us on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.