Is Relationship Marketing Important?

Relationship marketing between customer and retail assistant is important

Is Relationship Marketing Important?

Relationship marketing can help boost your brand exponentially. By attaching a face to your brand, you can increase the likelihood of purchases and return clients.

What is Relationship Marketing?

Relationship marketing falls under customer relationship management (CRM). It focuses on long-term relationships with customers instead of short-term interactions. Relationship marketing aims to create lasting, strong emotional bonds connections between a brand and customer.

These long-lasting bonds can naturally morph into ongoing business, word-of-mouth referrals and useful feedback. Relationship marketing can sustain old business while generating new leads and inspiring the trust of potential clients.

How Do You Use It?

To successfully create a bond between your business and your clients you need to have a face and a story to tell. Human psychology teaches that storytelling is an important part of our psyche. A simple story can create a powerful emotional connection between two entities. Relationship marketing is all about how you appeal to the individual – not the group.

Adjust your marketing strategy to allow for human interaction. Taking calls personally or including colloquial language in your monthly newsletters is a good way to begin telling your brand’s story.

Attending local or international expos is a great way to meet industry leaders and eager customers. Increase your reach by hiring promo staff that will give you an edge. Although promo staff won’t be experts in your field like you are – they know how to draw people in. Professional promotional staff will be able to organically begin conversations with passersby, negating awkward interactions.

Maintaining Your Customer Relationships

Once established, your emotional relationships with customers must be maintained. Send casual follow-ups that let your clients know you care about their needs. If your company is big enough, you can hold an open bar event for your most loyal clients. Get some promotional staff to man the bar and mingle while you create lasting bonds with your most loyal customers.

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