Successful Marketing Campaigns and What to Learn from Them

Successful Marketing Campaigns and What to Learn from Them

Big and popular events require a lot of planning but also a thorough marketing campaign across all platforms. The events’ success isn’t the finishing line, however, as you need to continue to build upon it and continuously increase your brand awareness and authority.

So, which brands have successfully built marketing campaigns that made a difference?

Old Spice

Launched in February 2010 by Wieden + Kennedy as part of Old Spice’s ‘The Man Your Man Could Smell Like’ campaign, their commercial became viral practically overnight with more than 54 million views to this date. A second commercial in June of the same year with the same actor, Isaiah Mustafa, was released and he became known as the “Old Spice Guy”.

Old Spice continued to grow upon the success this campaign had, with 186 personalised videos to fans’ questions. The brand gained 29,000 new Facebook fans and 58,000 new Twitter followers, keeping fans engaged and excited about their product.


Once an exclusive marathon runners’ product, in the late 1980s Nike took advantage of the fitness craze to overcome their competitor: Reebok. Nik4e’s marketing department created a ‘Just Do It; campaign, and it was a complete success.

Although a short campaign, ‘Just Do It’ raised Nike’s sales to $800 million in 1988 and over $9.2 billion in 1998. It encompassed the feeling of self-motivation and the drive to push ourselves, and it’s still a great, recognisable slogan that the brand keeps using.

Provide Unique Experiences

A great marketing strategy knows how to target the appropriate target audience and how to provide them with unique and innovative experiences. Giving them an experience they can’t find anywhere else is key, regardless of what your business is. The Sundance Film Festival created by SXSW provides independent film producers with a place to showcase their work. Marketed as the “premier destination for discovery”, it’s a great way to give exposure to independent film producers.

Have a Strong Brand

A universal message or theme must be created for your brand and you need to push it through your marketing campaign, social media, and advertising. Creating a lifestyle that the target audience wants is a great way of turning it into an iconic and cultural event. Your audience will look forward to your event every year, helping it to expand even more.

Don’t Stop After the Event

Linking to having a strong brand, you can’t stop after your event is over. Oktoberfest, for example, keeps track of other years’ success on their website, which showcases just how popular they’ve become. Releasing interviews, fun facts, positive information, and much more will grow and strengthen your brand and your campaigns.

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