The Advantages of Guerrilla Marketing

The Advantages of Guerrilla Marketing

Marketing is crucial to the success of a business. Without marketing, it doesn’t matter whether your business offers the best products and services or not, as consumers will not be aware of them. Sales may be lower than expected because of this, which may cause a company to close.

It’s essential that marketing strategies are innovative and can grab people’s attentions easily, so that your business can stand out from the crowd and be successful. To accomplish this, you can opt for a wide range of marketing techniques and strategies, including the popular guerrilla marketing.


What is Guerrilla Marketing?

This type of marketing involves using low-cost unconventional marketing strategies that create the best results – this requires a high level of creativity and energy, as the focus needs to be on obtaining the public’s attention on a more personal and memorable level.

The main goal behind guerrilla marketing is to take people by surprise, make a great impression and create social buzz.

How Can You Benefit from Guerrilla Marketing?

If you’re a small business, you can easily create a great marketing campaign without breaking the bank. After all, guerrilla marketing can help you reach a wider audience at low-cost prices. Big businesses can also benefit from this type of marketing, especially because it can easily complement any ongoing media campaign.

Of course, consumers are more likely to write off a bad guerrilla marketing campaign if it comes from a small business than from a large, well-established company, meaning they don’t run the same risks – and have a higher chance of avoiding a PR nightmare, as people tend to see it as just a marketing stunt that failed.


Examples of Great Guerrilla Marketing

One of the most famous examples of guerrilla marketing – and one of the most successful – was the campaign surrounding the movie The Blair Witch Project. In order to generate buzz about this minimal budget movie, the five graduates who created it began an Internet campaign to spread rumours about the legend of the fictional Blair witch. They were so successful that they had many people interested in watching the film even before it was made.

Proof that guerrilla marketing can also be beneficial to large companies is Red Bull’s partnership with Felix Baumgartner. The Red Bull Stratos was a highly successful marketing campaign that saw the Austrian athlete on free-falling from the stratosphere – Felix broke the speed of sound by reaching an estimated maximum speed of 1,342.8 km/h after jumping from a helium-filled capsule.

Red Bull attracted a lot of attention for this stunt and had over 8 million concurrent views on YouTube – a record! Viewers could watch everything live and engage with the company on Facebook and Twitter as the jump happened.


How Can We Help You?

Here at Breeze People we’re well aware that promoting your products or services can boost your sales and allow your business and message to reach a wider audience. We want you to achieve the results you desire, which is why our promotional staff can help you with any PR stunts, flash mobs and costume work you need – anything that can lead to word of mouth and social buzz!

Our team is versatile, professional and highly skilled in what they do, so we’re confident that we can carry out any marketing campaign, no matter how creative or challenging it is.


Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you and to enjoy all the benefits a guerrilla marketing campaign can offer your business.