The Benefits of Hiring Promotional Staff for Your New Store Opening

The benefits of hiring promotional staff

The Benefits of Hiring Promotional Staff for Your New Store Opening

The window for making a great first impression at a new store opening is often just a few seconds, so it is essential that every aspect of the marketing strategy is taken care of. To successfully launch your business and connect with your new customers, creating excitement and engagement on the day is key. Here at Breeze People, we specialise in providing promotional staff for a variety of events. Here are some of the benefits of hiring these staff:

1. Improve Engagement with Your Brand

The days of popping a few posters in the windows of a new store to create a buzz are over; today, customers want more. To capture and retain people’s attention, businesses need to find new ways to build a relationship with the brand.

The opening day of a new store is an amazing chance to start building relationships with new customers. A great way to facilitate this interaction is to hire experienced promotional staff who have the professional skills required to introduce potential customers to your brand, whether through product demonstrations or greetings at the door. The visitors to your store will appreciate the face-to-face engagement, which will provide the potential for long-term loyalty.

2. Increase Sales

As part of a comprehensive marketing strategy, it is likely that there is a variety of promotional material in place across the store. The promotional staff will be able to guarantee high-levels of material distribution, which will quickly increase sales.

If the store is providing products or services which require some explaining, the promotional staff will be able to demonstrate how the product or service works. This level of interaction will guarantee that customers have the knowledge required to make a purchase. A well-trained team of promotional staff will also have the skills required to encourage customers to purchase a larger quantity or more expensive items.

3. Enhance the Customer Experience

There is a very close relationship between the experience a customer has with a business and how well they connect with the brand. It is important to create a positive customer experience straight from the initial point of contact. Stores which use promotional staff to greet customers are known to receive higher levels of customer satisfaction, during the opening period and for the long-term future.

4. Save Money

Hiring promotional staff for a store opening may seem like an added expense, but in the majority of situations, it will actually save money. A business which needs to pay travel costs, accommodation and overtime will soon start to see the costs of using their own staff begin to escalate. Instead, hiring the services of a local team which only need to be paid for a set amount of time can be much more cost-effective.

5. Save time and free up resources

Opening a new store is a busy time for all businesses, with numerous tasks to complete in the run-up to opening and on the day. Planning the staffing for a new store opening can be stressful and is likely to take up valuable time. But, this burden can be removed by hiring a professional team of promotional staff. This will free up your own staff to concentrate on their own roles, such as serving your first customers.

6. Increased Flexibility

All stores have staff members who may be unable to complete their shift, with illness being a common reason. With a new store opening, there is a lot of pressure on a business to ensure the store is fully staffed, especially during the busy opening day.

By hiring an external team to assist there is increased flexibility, as a professional agency will quickly be able to replace any missing members of staff. Working with a dependable agency will ensure that you are guaranteed the results you are looking for on the opening day.

We are able to supply experienced promotional staff for store launches throughout the UK. We understand how important it is for your brand to be represented brilliantly, so our staff are reliable and engaging, possessing the skills required for a successful launch. To find out more about our bespoke staff solutions, please contact our knowledgeable team.