The Features of a Viral Campaign

The Features of a Viral Campaign

All of your marketing efforts, at their very heart, desire to go viral. It’s the best way to reach as many people as humanly possible. The more shares, the more exposure. Simple.

Achieving viral status is, however, not that simple. There’s no secret formula for something a vast audience – some of whom have nothing in common at all – will love enough to share over and over again. It takes a lot of hard work, a dedicated team and at its heart, you need a product that people want to purchase.

Are you looking to make your next marketing campaign viral? Then here are few things you need to consider.


Evoking an emotional response – whether happy or not – is a vital component of a viral campaign. As much of viral media becomes so because it resonates with the audience on a deeper level. Sharing relies upon the audience believing those in their social circle will experience a similar reaction to the content as they had. Surprise and amazement are a driving force behind viral campaigns, so seek to insert those feelings into your content.


The more visual a campaign, the more likely it is to go viral. Videos and memes are much easier to share than a big wall of text, so for many campaigns that go viral, it is often as a result of a visual medium. Create a funky medium, design a great image or simply test your wit for an epic meme.

On Trend

It may feel as if the viral content is the trendsetter when it comes to internet sensations, but you many times it is a simply a case of the creator predicting the content that is on the rise. Some years ago, many saw the potential for cats as a way to communicate across the internet and today many express themselves through cat memes alone. That sentence alone would be completely incomprehensive to someone twenty years ago. Look into your crystal ball and see the future trends of the internet – the true art of a viral campaign.


In the words of Ronan Keating, ‘you say it best when you say nothing at all.” Sometimes it’s what you don’t say, but rather show that makes all the difference to whether or not a campaign will go viral. If you think about it, most of the videos that do achieve the viral status are shaky home videos shot on an iPhone. The idea that money equals viral is a mistake that a lot of big businesses make as a result.

Try foregoing the large-scale, grandiose, type of videos that you have thrown a lot of money at. Aim for more intimate, heart-warming and funny moments. You may be surprised by people’s reactions!


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