The Human Touch: Why Promotional Staff are a Must for Your Next Event

The Human Touch: Why Promotional Staff are a Must for Your Next Event

With the world increasingly going digital when it comes to marketing, advertising and even booth design for industry events and promotions, it can seem like the age of face-to-face communication is over; but that couldn’t be further from the truth when it comes to your next promotional event.

That’s where promotional staff come in, providing your booth or event with that little extra boost to help you go further with your branding. Here’s why promotional staff are a must when it comes to planning for that next big event:

Promotional Staff at Railway Station

Create Conversations

Without initiation from an interested party, simply providing information and digital promotion at your next event isn’t the ideal way to start a conversation with your customers. In fact, it can be an obstacle between your brand messaging and the people you’re trying to talk to, requiring them to connect with you rather than you connecting with them.

By making use of promotional staff, you can reverse that communication, by starting each conversation on your terms; this provides potential customers with the perfect way to connect with you without any obstacles in the way. By creating an opening for a conversation to happen about your services, products or what your company can do, you can promote yourself in a way that’s more friendly, open and personal.

Invite Interaction

An unstaffed or understaffed booth can be a major deterrent to interested customers at any promotion or event, as it doesn’t allow them the ability to interact with you. Busy, harried or even bored-looking staff can all result in a less than successful day at an event – whereas choosing professionally-trained promotional staff can provide you with a team of people who know how to interact with your customers, and how best to connect with them to promote your product or service effectively.

The primary thing you want from any promotional event is to be able to interact with customers and work toward moving them further down the process of purchasing your product or service. Though it may be tempting to staff your events with internal employees, as experts in their field, often what you need for an event is trained staff who are there purely to invite interaction with your customers, which is something that promotional staff can provide.

A Friendly Face

When it comes to working with customers, it’s all about the human touch. A clinical approach just doesn’t cut it when working with people, and it certainly isn’t the most effective way to get through to your potential customers. Often, what makes the difference between a sale and lack of interest is simply that friendly face – people connect to other people, after all, rather than objects or services.

Creating that simple bond between the promoter and interested party is an excellent way to at the very least create heightened brand interest, and the perfect way to increase your sales and exposure at events. Simply having more, trained staff – wearing your branded clothing, and talking about what you do – can increase that vision tenfold and help customers have a real understanding of what you do, as well as having that positive association between your brand and that friendly person who is advertising it.

There are many different reasons why promotional staff would be the best bet for your next big event. From offering a friendly face that your customers can connect with, to providing the additional team you need to support an event and ensure that everything is running smoothly, choosing professionally-trained staff can mean the difference between a successful event that leaves you with countless potential customers and one that’s a bit of a flop.

Breeze People

If you’re considering bringing in promotional staff for an annual event or local promotion, Breeze People have the trained, motivated and friendly faces you need to get those sales rolling in. No matter what your product or service, we can help connect your brand to your customers – all with a smile. Contact us today to find out more about our promotional staff and services, and how we can help you to connect with your customers and achieve those sales goals at your next event.