The Investigative Consumer- What It Means for Experiential Marketing

The Investigative Consumer- What It Means for Experiential Marketing

As online shopping is becoming even more popular, it seems as though more and more people are turning to sampling and promotional events to effectively “try before they buy”.

Although the ease and availability of online shopping is what attracts people to purchase on the web, it lacks the ability to see and feel the item before buying. That’s where promotional events and samples come in to save the day.

Cautious Consumers

Planning a promotional event for an item that you are selling online will allow your target consumers to try the product (and see how awesome it is) before they go ahead and invest. More consumers are adopting the “try before you buy” mentality, which is detrimental to many brands who are solely focused on simply advertising their products through print and screen advertisements.

Fabulous Freebies

Providing samples of your products are a perfect way to draw in the customers. After all, what do they have to lose? They gain an item which (if you have marketed it correctly) they will possibly love completely free of charge.

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Even customers who may not usually be interested in purchasing your product may be intrigued by your sample or experiential event. This is an excellent way of drawing in a wider potential customer base, as not many people will turn down a freebie!

Word of Mouth

If you create a fun, interactive experiential event or provide some high quality samples to your customer base, you can be sure that it will get people talking. Referring back to how cautious consumers have become, this is the perfect way to bring in some brand confidence and ultimately customer referrals.

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Giving your customers great, hands on experience with your products is a fantastic way to boost their opinion of you. This satisfies their “try before you buy” mentality at no extra cost to them, and very little cost in the long run to your business. Allowing the consumer to interact with the customer allows them to determine whether a product is right for them, negating any doubt and ruling out unnecessary purchases that you may end up having to refund later on.

Creating Brand Relationships

Ultimately, your consumers and your brand have a relationship which, like all relationships, require a bit of give and take for both sides. If you provide great products and regular samples of new products, your consumers will return and recommend your products to their friends and family. This will bring you more custom and greater return in the future.

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You should be proud of all your products, so there’s nothing to stop you from sharing them with the world in the form of a sample or an experiential event. You can create an even bigger impact by providing event or sample only deals, where you reward your customers with vouchers for money off your products when visiting your promotional event or taking a sample away with them. This lets them know that you are confident that they will enjoy your product, and that you value them as a customer and not just for their money.

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