Use Promotional Staff for a Fantastic Sales Video

Use Promotional Staff for a Fantastic Sales Video

An unprofessional or lacklustre promo stunt can do more to harm your business than help it. After all, the last thing you want to show the public is that members of your business are tired, unprofessional or even lacking in enthusiasm.

Rather than risking your business by cutting costs and using your own staff to create promotional material, use a responsible and reliable company who can deliver meaningful engagement between your company and the public.

When it comes to a video, you will be looking towards creating something that will stand the test of time, and if it flops on the internet, there’s no going back.

We can help make sure you get your next promotional video right with our talented promotional staff actors. Our experience in making promotional material can add that final sheen to your public image:

Once you have hired the perfect cast for your video, you will need to shoot it. We have outlined some basic steps and tips for you to follow when crafting your video.

Step 1) Starting Out

While shooting an improvised video will surely save time and money, unless your actors are extremely talented, the content of the video is going to suffer and you will be likely to have wasted your time.

It’s better to bite the bullet, assemble some writers, and spend some time sharing ideas before you even start on writing the script. This way, you can be sure that you are working towards an established aim, rather than ending up with a lackadaisical product that tells viewers that your business is bad at planning and organisation.

The aim of your video will vary depending on the stage of your business. For example, start-ups may want to focus on improving their brand awareness before even considering making a video to drive sales.

The script itself will also vary depending on where the video is going to be shown. If the video is going on your homepage then you are likely thinking of creating an introductory video that will showcase your company and is more likely to be more of a moving slideshow than a short film with speech and music.

A short fifteen-second advert to be shown on YouTube or Facebook, however, is more likely to need a bit of story to hook the viewer. This means that it is vital that you know where you will be trying to get your video hosted well in advance.

Other than introductory and narrative focused adverts, there are also explanatory videos which might explain how a product is used, testimonial adverts which feature interviews or quotes from real users, as well as the highly popular problem/solution format.

Step 2) How You Shoot It

There are a lot of different options for shooting your sales video, all with their own price tags. For example, a totally legitimate method of creating a video would be to use hand-drawn animation, but realistically this is going to have too high a price tag for most companies.

Many sales videos use a mix of actors and stock footage to create the perfect tone for their company’s aims, but other successful methods include screencasts and whiteboard videos which are quite similar in method:

                Screencast – A human carries out certain activities on a computer screen, such as surfing the company website and talking to the viewer by writing on a word processor program.

                Whiteboard – A whiteboard is filmed as someone writes meaningful messages and/ or cartoons onto it.

Step 3) Writing the Script

Writing the script doesn’t necessarily mean writing speech. For videos without speech, you will still need to plan how many scenes there will be, how many people will be needed and what kinds of audio you might be using. You can help this all run smoothly by creating a storyboard to illustrate exactly what should be happening in your film at each given moment.

Step 4) Shooting the Film

The next step is to take your actors to the locations you decided on during the script writing phase and start filming. You will need someone who has at least a basic understanding of how cameras work and that you can’t hope to film while moving well without the correct stabilising equipment, but you will also need a smooth editor and maybe even some time in an audio booth if you’re recording a voice over.

Making a professional video requires a lot of effort and time, but you can make it successful if you get organised and use professional promotional staff. You can find such acting professionals with us, but if you decide that the video is too much for your company at this time, you can also consider hiring us for similarly successful advertising needs. We can provide experiential staffing for your events as well as promotional staff for guerrilla advertising on your local high street. Contact us for more information about how we can help you.

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