What Makes Talented Promo Staff

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What Makes Talented Promo Staff

Promotional staff aren’t too hard to find, but finding talented promo staff who can bring more than just looks can present a challenge to businesses looking to host a quality advertising campaign with promotional talent. We are dedicated to hiring promising staff who show skill and dedication, staff who can bring energy to their efforts whilst working for your company. Here, we will be showing you what we look for in great promo staff, so you’ll know what to expect when you hire with Breeze People.

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Acting Experience

The best promo staff have a qualification in acting, so it’s expected that they will at least have had some acting or exhibition experience before they work to promote your product or business. Promo staff who fail to act convincingly may crack under the pressure, which can turn potential customers away from your brand. There’s a reason why we call part of our hiring process casting.

Promo staff who can act – like Breeze People – will be able to maintain an energetic and bubbly appearance even on low energy days. Acting skills are the difference between a performance which sells your product and a conversation between two strangers about your product or brand. We train our staff to be reliable and confident in their interactions, so that you can trust them to deliver your product to the right audience perfectly.

High Appearance Standards

It is expected that any staff working to promote your brand will have high expectations of their personal appearance. Our staff recognise that in order to appropriately represent the company hiring them, it will be important to convey a professional and intelligent image through their visual appearance. This means keeping hair tidy and groomed, as well as keeping grumpy expressions outside of working hours, regardless of whether they’re leafleting staff or event managing.

Business Qualifications

An understanding of business or marketing is always a good selling point for talented promotional staff. It means that they will be able to understand the importance of sales and have an interest in the best methods for securing conversions in real-time conversation.

Promo staff who are passionate about their line of work will be able to deliver energetic performances with greater ease and realism than those who rely on acting experience to pull them through their working hours. The best promo staff can strike a good balance, displaying good people skills as well as a sincere passion for the art of business.

We keep an extensive database on our employees, which we can use to shortlist the perfect employees for your hire. We keep notes on staff experience and qualification, so we can find someone who is seriously passionate about working to promote your company product or service.


Sales pitches regularly rely on the help of technology to convey the uses of a product or business to the public. Whether your hired promotional staff are advertising from the streets or from a booth in a convention centre, you can be sure that our staff are tech smart.

There are plenty of opportunities when you might benefit from tech smart promo staff, including but not limited to helping potential customers to register for your newsletter or subscribing to mailing lists across a range of devices.

Of course, the real key to hiring a host of great promo staff is to ensure that the staff are well briefed before attending your event. Hiring from a respectable agency that takes care of its staff – like Breeze People – is therefore integral to receiving the best promotional experience.

Our promotional staff are well-suited for a wide range of events, including experiential marketing, product demonstration, brand awareness, road shows, store launches, leafletting, data capture, hit squad sampling and even flash mobs. We have enthusiastic young people ready to sell your product, as well as serious event managers who can keep your crowds in control.

 If you would like to learn more about our services, you can see our work or contact us. We are trusted by plenty of well-known brands, such as Fox’s Biscuits, Yo! Sushi, Pringle’s and Cath Kidston. Join our list of satisfied clientele today.