What to Take to a Trade Show

What to Take to a Trade Show

Trade shows are ideal to meet new people, develop business relationships, become more aware of your competition, and much more. Attending these events is crucial for anyone who wants to get their name and company out there – and widen their business network.

You should also think about what to take when you go to a trade show, so that you’re not caught unawares:

Business Cards

This is something you should always have with you, especially if you’re at a trade show. Have your cards ready and hand them out to relevant people in your industry – or to everyone you meet! Forging connections in these events is easy, so you might as well get your business card into as many hands as you can.

After all, you can’t possibly know who will take an interest in what you have to offer and will get in touch with you, and who won’t, so cover all of your bases!

Branded Gear

Trade shows are renowned for giving away promotional gifts, and you should do the same! Come equipped with your own products and offer them to everyone you see, as they act as advertising and help you get your brand out there, especially if you add your logo and name.

Name Badge

While this may not be something you immediately think of, the truth is that by having a name badge people will remember your name more easily. You meet a lot of people during trade shows, and this is true of everyone else as well. By having a name badge, then, you stand out a little more from the crowd and it’s much more likely that people will remember you.

Wear a badge in your right shoulder, so that when you shake people’s hands they can immediately see your name.

Promo Staff

Another element you may not have thought of is promotional staff. They can be the face of your company during the trade show, and help you get your message to a wider audience. They also provide a different dynamic to your stand – instead of waiting for people to come to you, your promo staff can draw the attention of passers-by and engage in conversation with them – or direct them towards you.

They can also give away your products, so you don’t have to. After all, trade shows are busy environments and, if you’re deep in conversation with someone, you don’t want to have to stop just so that you can carry on giving away promotional gifts.


At Breeze People, we can provide reliable, dynamic and enthusiastic promotional staff to represent your brand at a trade show, as we understand the importance of taking full advantage of what these events have to offer. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you and we’ll work together with you to give you exactly what you need!