Why face to face brand experiences work.

Face to Face Brand experiences will win your customer’s heart

We live in a connected, digital world that’s changing rapidly.  It’s easy to stay in touch with friends and colleagues in different time zones. As brands, we can reach consumers by posting edgy and relevant content to our social media channels. This means engagement is only a click away.

Because of this amazing digital revolution, old hat marketing techniques, cold calls and canvassing in shopping centres, are mostly behind us.

Simply put, we don’t need to meet our target demographic to engage with them.

But…are we really connected emotionally to the people we want to be our loyal customers? Have we forgotten that people are social animals and that humans read facial expressions and make assessments based on handshakes and personalities?

Digital marketing is the bread and butter of many brands but have too many of us become reliant on digital and forgotten that marketing is rooted in the principles of human psychology? Inbound marketing is all about attracting, engaging and building relationships. We like a good chat with an actual human, and email, Twitter and WhatsApp just don’t fill that void. Brand engagement is fundamental to how we win over consumers.

Getting to know you

We’re evolving again and now the most successful brands are the ones that go out and meet their customers face to face, taking the time to engage and interact as people.

Event based brand experiences and experiential marketing are now gaining momentum as tactics for switched on brands. Experiential marketing can be described as ‘immersing the consumer in your product by engaging as many of the senses as possible.’ This type of multi-faceted campaign can only be executed face to face.

Creating an unforgettable experience by placing a highly trained, on-brand, promotional team in front of your audience is a sensible move when you consider the benefits of face to face interaction. It encourages meaningful, positive interactions and a stronger sense of loyalty. And if your audience is made up of millennials you’d better be out there ready to chat, engage and show you ‘get’ them.

According to BCG.com:

 ‘To sustain millennial loyalty to their brands, companies must engage millennials individually and in small groups, through direct and two way communications.’

(‘How Millennials are changing the face of marketing forever’.)

People young and old want to get to know companies to understand whether they’re worthy of their hard earned cash.

Three reasons why it’s important to nail experiential or face to face marketing

1. It builds trust. You know you’re not just a faceless brand but is that how your customers feel? We all want to buy from brands that hold the same beliefs as us. Being present at events and blowing people’s minds with your brand is a great way to show you’re worth connecting with. Customers need nurturing.

2. It shows your personality. If you get your experiential staffing right then you can convey your brand personality much more successfully with a face to face experience. Consumers will see that your brand is built by people with a vision, not just by faceless board room suits.

3. It creates word of mouth. There’s nothing as powerful as word of mouth marketing. Brands live and die by referrals. If you’ve made an amazing impression at an event then people will talk about you. It’s dead simple.

Breeze People can supply experiential staffing for your live events and for guerrilla advertising.

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